Most of us have a thing for adventure. Nothing is better than getting this insane thrill from various activities that you can do out in nature. You can go hiking, paragliding, river rafting, and even diving for these thrills. There are a lot of activities that are actually more fun with some companies. You might have gone on adventures with your family and friends, but have you ever taken these trips with your furry best friend?

These can be some of the best moments of your life, depending on how you plan your trip. Your four-legged friends need support from your side in order to make this trip a success. They depend on you to keep them safe and sound. There are certain must-haves that you would need on a trip with your pet.

It is vital to make sure that your pet is well-conditioned for the kind of adventure you would like to have with them. For example, if you already take your dog out for swims in ponds and lakes, you can take them without any training for water-based adventures. It is important to be well prepared and have certain items in stock for your dog to have a perfect adventure. We have curated a list of things backed by experts who handle search and rescue dogs.

Always carry water

Just like us humans, our dogs need hydration on a consistent basis as well. When you go on a trek, there are a lot of times when you will not find any water for quite a long time. You should ensure that you carry enough water, not only for you but also for your pet. You will also need a bowl in which you can pour water for them. There are a lot of sporty ones available in the market today, which are collapsable. These are lightweight and very easy to carry around. Remember to get a bowl that has some light coating, this makes it easier to clean.

A leash

There are a lot of places that require your dog to be on a leash. You can choose to let them go without a leash in certain remote areas for treks and hikes, but where the local law tells you to, keep your dog on a leash. There are quite a few places that are crowded, and a lot of these people are not canine-friendly. They are also free to enjoy public areas without fearing a dog that is not on a leash. Even if you are going to a location where off-leash hiking is allowed, make sure that you keep the leash around for situations where you might have to secure your dog quickly.

A coat for warmth

If you are going to an extremely cold place, remember to pack some warm coats for your dog as well. Even though they have a protective layer covering them, a dog coat will be really beneficial if you are going to hike in the snow. Getting a bright-colored coat can also double up as a safety vest for them. In case your dog gets lost, you can easily spot them with a bright coat.

A waterproof collar

Adventures with your dog can get quite messy. They will run around, go swim in the water, and get quite dirty. It is very important to get waterproof dog collars for your pet. Waterproof collars will stay through thick and thin times. These will not get worn out as easily as normal dog collars, making them perfect for adventure trips with your dog!

A microchip and ID tag

We never think such a thing will happen to us, but there are many times when a dog wanders off and its owner is unable to find them. It is important to get tags that can easily help identify your dog, even if you are separated. You can get your phone number and name engraved on their tag, which will make it easier for people to find you. A microchip is the best option since dog tags can easily fall off in dense woods.


When we go for a hike, we make sure that we pack some snacks and ‘treats’ that keep us going. Just like this, your furry friend also needs some energy that provides them with both taste and nutrition. You should carry along treats for your dog that can give them a healthy amount of protein in their diet. This will ensure that they are not easily fatigued or tired, and have a speedy recovery in between breaks. These treats are also perfect for getting your dog to follow commands. When a pup knows that you have treats in your hand, they will be more well-behaved around you, even with the number of distractions coming up.

A dog pack

There are a lot of dogs who are made for rough terrains. They can handle a lot of weight and can go on for long periods of time. Why not use this ability to help you lighten your load a little bit. Dogs can usually carry around 25% of their weight quite easily. A water bottle and some food can be carried by a small dog as well. There are a lot of packs that have multiple leash attachments and harnesses attached. These can help you in securing your dog as well.

A rinse kit

As you already know, your dog will be getting quite dirty on adventure trips. They will run, fall, swim, and even slip sometimes. A rinse kit can be really beneficial in situations where you have no access to water. These might not be life-threatening situations, but they are pretty uncomfortable. Getting a rinse kit along the way is a really good idea, especially if you have to go car camping. Multi-purpose rinse kits are perfect for even rinsing your bikes and things around your camp.

There are a lot more things that you can carry to make your dog’s adventure an easy-going one. You can carry dehydrated food, paw protection, and even a bear bell for them. Just make sure to pack all essentials in order to have the perfect trip.