Dog owners don’t underestimate the winter. When the weather outside gets cold, it’s always essential to keep your pup warm and cozy. The easiest way to do this is by picking up a few dog shirts or sweaters to help them stay extra warm while also adding their style to the mix.

The best dog shirts for cold weather will keep your pup warm and cozy all season long, for example. They are made from material that won’t trap moisture, leading to hypothermia. Here are things you’ll find in the best dog shirts for cold weather.

The Right Fabric

The dog t-shirts need to be soft, comfortable, and durable to keep your dog warm. When choosing a fabric, it is essential to check if it can stand regular wear, if it gets easily damaged, or if it snags on things. Also, make sure that there are no buttons or zippers as these can hurt your dog’s skin and fur. Popular fabrics used for dog clothes include cotton, flannel, and polar fleece.

A No-Chafing Collar

The collar should be made of a soft fabric that does not rub against your dog’s neck. One way to test if it will chafe is to gently hold onto your dog’s collar and then pull on it slowly and evenly.

If you feel any pulling or tugging, skip that shirt. This is because if your dog is wearing a shirt and starts scratching the neck or pawing at the chest, something around the neck is irritating. 

Bright and Colorful Stripe Color Combinations

The best dog shirts come with different choices, such as they may come with stripes with several color combinations. These will be more visible to others, especially when your dog is out and about with other dogs or people. It’s vital that your dog feels good, but it’s also essential that other people can spot him easily.

Bright colors are usually easier to spot than darker ones, and the more visibility you have on any given day makes it safer for everyone involved. Therefore, bright colors are an essential option to consider with your dog’s cold weather apparel.

Sleeves that Keep the Paws Warmer

Your pup can’t simply use gloves or mittens if they want to go outside when it’s cold. They need to keep their paws clean and dry. That means when you’re shopping for winter-ready dog shirts, be sure to get something with sleeves that will protect the paws from snow, ice, and water.

A Snug Fit

Poorly fitted clothes are very uncomfortable for dogs and often don’t offer much warmth. However, the best dog shirtswith well-fitting clothes will keep your dog warm and happy, which is what your dog wants to live somewhere cold. Look for shirts that have adjustable straps so that you can achieve a snug fit for your dog without any material to spare.

The Bottom Line

There are all sorts of dog shirts, sweaters, and even jackets on the market to keep your pet warm during the winter months. Whether you’re getting a new jacket or planning on dressing up your pooch with new apparel, it’s important to choose items that are both functional and stylish.