7 Exotic Pets That Are Easy To Look After

Animal ownership is at an all-time peak worldwide. You probably live in your neighbourhood with a cat or a dog, but is your district home for a lama? An individual of Mexican Redknee? Don't be surprised! These animals are legal but exotic. However, not all of them are...

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Australian Shepherd Grooming Tips

The best grooming for your Australian Shepherd! We'll show you how to clean your dog's fur quickly and thoroughly. Grooming is important to keep your dog healthy, have less hair loss, and minimize hot spots and skin irritation. The Fur of the Australian Shepherd The...

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Are Professional Dog Groomers Worth it?

Waking up next to a dog you can cuddle with or come home to after having a long day outside is one of the best feelings in the world. While the good in owning a dog is proven to be satisfying, it comes with responsibilities that are needed to keep your dog in shape....

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5 Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy & Healthy

Cats are gorgeous creatures. What's more, having a feline friend can have fantastic mental and physical health benefits. But while owning a cat (or any other pet) is a great experience, it also comes with great responsibility. Unfortunately, some people tend to forget...

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An End to Emotional Support Animals on Planes?

For quite a long time, emotional support animals have been of significance to many air travelers, especially persons with disabilities. However, The Department of Transportation (DOT) is holding a downward negotiation on banning emotional support animals on commercial...

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