Cats are one of the most chill domesticated animals in the world. They would spend their days curled up in any area of the house while having a nap. They will let their owners do whatever they need to do without distracting them, as long as they get their regular supply of food and belly scratches from time to time. But during this time of the pandemic, cats could feel that some things are not like before. They are usually sensitive to any changes that happen in the environment. So seeing their owners spending more time at home to avoid catching the dreaded COVID-19 virus could baffle them.

To prevent anxiety in your cat, make sure that you have the entire cat care essentials at home. You also need to include all the No-RX cat supplies in your next shopping run so you will not run out of important items that your feline friend would need in these uncertain times. Here are several cat care tips that you must always keep in mind to make sure that your cat remains healthy while you stay indoors together during the time of quarantine.

Maintain Their Daily Routine

It is very crucial to avoid disrupting the usual grind of cats to prevent them from having anxiety. So always make sure to respect their routine. It also means that you must never run out of their essentials. It includes their toys, scratch posts, food, and litter trays.

No-RX cat supplies like cat vitamins, shampoos and conditioners, cat grooming kits, and anti-flea solutions should also be stocked up. These items will come in handy in case you cannot bring your feline companion to the groomer for a while because of the current situation.

Allow Them To Have Hiding Places

Cats are excellent in self-isolation. They would go on for hours without bothering anyone for various reasons, including the need for some quiet time. But since you also need to spend more time at home during this quarantine period, your cat would need to look for space where they can spend their precious alone time away from you or anyone in your household.

But you need to make sure that they will not lock up in dangerous places like the insides of large appliances or in the garbage can filled with hazardous chemicals. You may set up a special place by putting their favourite cat blanket inside a large cardboard box, or invest in a soft cat bed to make their hiding place more comfortable.

Give Them Physical And Mental Stimulation

Generally, cats love to feel stimulated. They enjoy stalking and pouncing all the time. So make sure to keep them happy by providing toys like teasers and wands. It will keep them entertained while keeping both their body and mind healthy. Playing these toys with them can also serve as your bonding time. It will also help if you buy several cat scratchers and place them in key locations at home. These will save your expensive furniture from their sharp paws all the time.

By spending more time at home, you will get to know more about your cat and how he/she spends her typical day. Take this opportunity to bond with your cat so you can both feel safe and secure despite the uncertainty of the situation. You may also occasionally go out for a walk, but always remember to practice social distancing and avoid joining the crowd to avoid catching the virus.

Author Bio: Alice Churchill is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.