Unfortunately, Pitbulls have a bad reputation as vicious or dangerous, but that is unreasonable. In most cases, the reason people have issues with this breed is due to poor training. Many people don’t train and socialize their dogs correctly, which results in behavioral problems. Pitbulls are loving, family-friendly, and well behaved like most other breeds. Pitbulls make great family dogs, and you’ll see the five reasons you need to own a pitbull below.

  1. Pitbulls are easy to care for and a healthy breed

Unlike some breeds that require frequent grooming and special attention, pitbulls are fine with semi-regular brushing. They have short coats, which means they don’t shed as much as long-coated dogs. They do not require a lot of special care, as long as they are taken out for exercise daily. These dogs adapt well in small spaces so that you can keep them in an apartment.

In general, this breed is healthy. Pitbulls are not pre-disposed to many of the common genetic disorders of other dog breeds. Therefore, there’s a higher chance you Pitbull will lead a long and healthy life. The one issue to look out for is hip dysplasia, common in medium and large dogs, regardless of breed.

  1. They are affectionate

Pitbulls are very loving and affectionate pets. They enjoy being around their owner all the time, and they show their affection. Once you own a pitbull, you’ll be showered with hugs and kisses (mostly face licks) because these dogs love to give kisses. Pitbulls are known as a ‘licking’ breed, and it can even become excessive, so be prepared for lots of love.

They especially love spending time with children. These dogs have high pain tolerance so that kids can tug at them, and they won’t cry out or run away. They like being pulled and played with, so you can let the children play with them.

When meeting new people or other animals, most Pitbulls have a friendly and curious attitude. You can see them wag their tail and sniff around happily. For this reason, Pitbulls make excellent family pets because they are affectionate with every family member.

  1. Very loyal

Once a Pitbull recognizes you as the owner, it is obedient and loyal. It would be best to establish a firm connection to your Pitbull in which you are the dominant energy. Always act confident and let the dog know you are making the rules. In case of danger, a Pitbull is ready to protect its owner with its life. For that reason, many law enforcement agencies use this breed as police dogs. It’s not because they are vicious; it’s because they are loyal.

So, once you get a Pitbull, be prepared to have a new loyal best friend in the house. A common misconception about this breed is that it is overprotective and guards its territory aggressively. This is simply not true. Pitbulls don’t make good guard dogs. The reason is that they are too people-friendly to act aggressively towards strangers.

If you want a dog that stays by your side and cares for you in good times and bad, a pitbull is an excellent choice. These pups stay at your side for hours on end if you need them.

  1. Pitbulls love socializing

Most dog breeds love to socialize, but Pitbulls are exceptionally social animals. If a loving family raises a Pitbull, the dog is well behaved, friendly, affectionate, and not a threat to other people and animals. Pitbulls adore humans, and they often get too excited about seeing people. For that reason, it’s recommended that you train your dog to be calm during interactions.

Pitbulls also get along well with other animals, especially if they are trained or raised together from a young age. You’ll often see Pitbulls that are the pack leaders in a group of pets, and they get along well. It’s best to start training your dog slowly. Introduce them to other dogs in a controlled environment, not a dog park.

  1. Easy to Train

To be an efficient dog trainer, you need to be confident and establish your authority as the dominant pack leader. Once you do that, your Pitbull won’t try to keep challenging you. In general, a Pitbull always tries to please its owner. For that reason, they are easy to train as long as you set clear boundaries and expectations.

They are quick learners and execute all kinds of commands. So, be prepared to have lots of fun with your pet. Pitbulls have unusually high pain tolerance, so they may require a prong collar to keep them in check or during training sessions. But other than that, you can teach them lots of tricks.