In our digital age, it’s rare to see someone without a gadget in hand, be it an iPad or an iPhone. Have you ever caught yourself pondering whether there’s a way for your furry best friend to join in the fun while you tap and swipe on your screen? The choice between endless scrolling and engaging playtime with your loyal companion is a no-brainer. Explore with us as we uncover several app gems that promise to keep your pup entertained and stimulated.

Top 6 Apps For Pet Entertainment

#1 Jolly Dog

Pet enthusiasts and dog owners have a reason to rejoice as the mobile gaming world extends its paw to our four-legged friends. Jolly Dog for iOS and Jolly Pet for Android are innovative apps designed to captivate your canine’s attention with a virtual game of fetch.

Don’t forget about the security of your device. It is necessary to set the correct Android settings so that your dog does not go to a dangerous website or follow a phishing link while playing. There’s a pretty comprehensive list of Android privacy settings here. To avoid lengthening the article and avoid distractions, simply follow the link.

#2 Puppy Tapper

Engage your furry friend with the enthralling game of ‘Puppy Tapper,’ much akin to the enjoyment ‘Jolly Dog’ offers. This interactive game invites your pooch to pursue and ‘snag’ animated creatures - including cats, squirrels, and rabbits - that dart across the screen. Every creature, barring the adorable Maltipoo puppy available for in-app purchase, is part of the complimentary game package.

Simply choose your pup’s preferred prey and backdrop, press start, and watch the excitement unfold. With a palette of dog-friendly hues and five distinct backgrounds, ‘Puppy Tapper’ promises to captivate your canine companion.

#3 Zigzag

Training your puppy doesn’t have to be an overwhelming challenge. With the innovative Zigzag app, you’ll find interactive training games, customized schedules, and useful tips tailored specifically to your needs, simplifying the training process. Make your puppy training experience stress-free and fun with Zigzag!

#4 Rover

For those times when you must part ways with your pup, rest assured that Rover offers a selection of accredited dog caregivers, including walkers, sitters, and boarders. Each one has undergone a thorough verification process, ensuring that your furry friend is in trustworthy and secure care.

#5 Dog Squeaky Toy

Are you always on the lookout for ways to entertain your playful four-legged friend? Look no further, because Dog Squeaky Toy is here to captivate your dog’s attention and provide endless amusement. This app is as simple and delightful as it sounds. With a user-friendly interface, it offers a variety of virtual squeaky toys just a scroll away.

Imagine the joy on your dog’s face as they listen to the whimsical squeaks of seven different toys—from a quirky rubber chicken to a sporty basketball. And unlike other apps, Dog Squeaky Toy brings each sound to life with a colorful animated image, sure to pique your pup’s curiosity.

#6 DogCam

For immediate release – Every dog lover knows the struggle of trying to snap that perfect shot of their furry friend. DogCam is the innovative new app designed to address this very challenge, creating a professional photographer out of any dog owner.

Beyond remarkable photographs, DogCam grants users the ability to record endearing videos of their dogs, ideal for capturing playful moments and adorable antics. With seamless sharing capabilities, these precious memories can be directly distributed through text, email, or uploaded to various social media platforms.


We trust that our roundup of canine-focused applications served you well! It’s clear that for virtually every need, there exists a dog app, simplifying your pet parenting tasks significantly. Now, venture into the world of exciting outdoor activities with games perfect for you and your furry companion.