The Pitbull has an unfortunate reputation among much of the general public due to historical associations with dogfighting and isolated incidents of aggression against humans.

However, modern-day Pitbulls are bred without the stereotyped aggression and make wonderful family dogs. Provided they are acquired from reputable breeders, are socialized, and trained well, a Pitbull will provide your family with a fun-loving, healthy, and affectionate companion.

This brief article outlines why Pitbulls make great family dogs.

What is a Pitbull?

A Pitbull is not a singular dog breed but rather an umbrella term for dog breeds that include the American Bully, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pitbull Terrier, American Bulldog, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Pitbulls Show Affection

Although Pitbulls appear quite menacing due to their athletic and muscular physique, Pitbulls like to cuddle their owners and will show plentiful affection.

Deep down, Pitbulls are softies and will always prioritize curling up on the sofa next to you. They enjoy skin-on-skin contact and will invite belly rubs.

In addition to cuddling, they will also kiss and slobber on you as a sign of their devotion.

Pitbulls Display Loyalty To Owners

When purchasing a family dog, you want them to love and protect the family members. Pitbulls are great at this as they are very oriented to humans and have a keen desire to please.

The protective instincts of Pitbulls make them fantastic guard dogs to scare off any threats. Any aggressive instincts in a Pitbull are only born from fear and an unwavering desire to protect its family at all costs.

Although loyal and protective, Pitbulls will also get on well with other pets and humans outside of the family.

Pitbulls Are Easy To Train

A priority for a family dog is that they are well-behaved and easy to train. Pitbulls fall into this category as they are a highly intelligent dog breed. Their desire for affection and praise from owners means they are amenable and will follow your command.

The ability of Pitbulls to follow tasks makes them great for agility sports and obedience training.

Pitbulls can have the stubborn streak of bulldogs so do make sure that the training is engaging and fun so that they can learn quickly. Top training advice for Pitbulls includes:

  1. Remove distractions;
  2. Keep the sessions short, and;
  3. Don’t yell or shout.


Pitbulls Will Keep You On Your Toes

A known benefit of owning a dog is that they allow you to have an active lifestyle. Pitbulls are not slouches, they will be eagerly getting you out and about to explore the local environment.

Pitbulls are athletic and have plenty of energy to burn. Therefore regular exercise is key and you should aim for 60 to 90 minutes per day.

Pitbulls need to burn off energy otherwise boredom and frustration can set in which may lead to misbehavior.

How Often Should Pit Bulls Be Walked?

You should schedule 60 minutes per day for walking with your Pitbull. Not only does walking provide essential exercise, but also allows you to bond with your dog.

When walking ensure you have the correct leash manner to enable all family members to take the dog for a walk. As Pitbulls can be strong and agile, having a good leash manner is important to prevent loss of control.

Running With A Pitbull?

If you have family members who enjoy going for a run, Pitbulls will certainly be able to keep up. Their athletic build makes them good runners and they’ll enjoy running with you.

Good leash manner is also important to ensure that Pitbulls can run with you comfortably and safely.

Do Pitbulls Swim?

Pitbulls are not the strongest swimmers so avoid taking them to a pool or beach for exercise. As they are renowned for having blocky heads and small limbs, Pitbulls tend to struggle to stay above water.

If you’re desperate to get them into the water you can consider getting a doggy life jacket to help with buoyancy.

Are Pitbulls Easy to Groom?

Pitbulls have short, bristly coats which are easier to maintain compared to other dog breeds. Weekly grooming of a few minutes is all that is needed, which makes Pitbull’s low maintenance when it comes to grooming.

Consider purchasing a soft brush to allow you to remove excess hair and skin particles weekly.

How Often Do Pitbulls Need to Bathe?

Due to their short coat, Pitbulls only need to bathe once a month. Bathing too regularly can lead to dry and flaky skin so should be avoided. Pitbulls produce their oils to moisturize the skin so don’t need regular baths.

When bathing, consider getting hypoallergenic shampoo as Pitbulls can become irritable and suffer from skin complaints.

Are Pitbulls Attention-Seeking?

Pitbulls are attention-seeking but this is because of their keen desire to please. For families with young children, Pitbulls can be particularly great pets as they will keep the youngsters occupied for hours.

A downside of this is that Pitbulls can become too attached.

Do Pitbulls Suffer From Separation Anxiety?

Good training is key to ensuring your Pitbull is fine when separated from the family. Although Pitbulls will crave the attention of the family, they can be trained to enjoy their own company.

Creating boundaries within the home is key to managing any potential for separation anxiety.

Final Words

Pitbulls are brilliant family dogs. Don’t let to public perception of the breed get you down.

Provided you ensure they are well-trained and have a loving home life, a Pitbull provides all the love and affection a family can need.