It is the 3rd National Dog Mom Day this Saturday!

At Puff & Fluff, we know how important your pets are to you. They are your family members, your best friends, your partners-in-crime; they know your ups and downs and you know how to make their tails wag. We adopt them as puppies, or we adopt them as adults from rescues with all baggage included. We learn to love each quirk, wag, and whine. We forge a connection that is unwavering and full of slobbery kisses.

National Dog Mom Day recognizes this special bond between Dog Mom and Fur Kid!

While you may not get a breakfast-in-bed or a bouquet of flowers this Saturday, you can still plan to spend the day with your fur kids.

Need some help celebrating Nation Dog Mom Day? Don’t worry, we have got some suggestions for you!

Crafts with Your Fur Kid

Feeling a little creative or is your pup’s name Picasso? Whatever the reason, there are simple and easy crafts that you can create with the help of your fur kid! For this craft, all you need is some paper, Acrylic paint, a paint brush, a bowl of water, some paper towels, and an additional set of hands to help your Fur Kid get their paw print just right!

Homemade Dog Treats

Making dog treats at home does not have to be difficult! We have compiled some simple recipes (4 ingredients or less) that use items you likely already have in your pantry!

DIY Dog Toys

You do not need to be an expert at sewing or have a plethora of material to make a toy for your fur kid. For these DIYs, all you will nee is an old pair of jeans or a pair of tube socks and a water bottle and you will be on your way to being the next MacGyver for dog toys.

Spa Day

Leave it to us! We offer a luxury spa-like treatment for your Fur Kid, including a bath with hypo-allergenic shampoo and a blueberry facial, a soothing massage, a full haircut, and more! We will give your fur kid the luxury treatment while you can go out and do the same.

How are you going to celebrate National Dog Mom Day?