Owning a pet dog comes with its fair share of love, happiness, and heavy responsibilities. One of the crucial yet not-so-glamorous responsibilities is pet waste removal.

Many Americans consider this task to be a chore (which it is), but performing it is essential (since the Environmental Protection Agency classifies dog poop as a pollutant). Did you know that 40% of pet owners in the US do not remove their dog’s fecal matter?

It’s true that you have no control over where your dog chooses to poop. The possibilities are endless – backyard, patio, park, or roads. However, you do have an obligation to clean up after them. In this article, let’s look at the reasons why pet waste removal is imperative and best practices towards that end.

Reasons Why Dog Poop Cleanup is Essential

As mentioned, we will start by talking about the various reasons why removing dog poop is a duty (non-glamorous as it is).

Dog Poop Is Not a Fertilizer

You must be aware of the practice of using cow waste as manure for crops. Can we not do the same with dog poop? No! It is a common misconception that adding dog poop to grasses and flowers would lead to healthy growth.

The truth is that dog poop is not a fertilizer. This stems from the fact that cows mainly consume grass and grains, whereas dogs’ primary diet is often meat. Also, dogs’ high protein consumption makes their poop acidic.

The waste becomes a breeding ground for microbes and pathogens. Finally, dog poop consists of nitrogen, which may explain why grass develops yellow or brown spots on it. The best and only way to maintain your lawn’s cleanliness is to promptly remove your pup’s waste.

Many Cities Have a Pooper Scooper Law

It’s not only a part of being a good neighbor, but many cities have a pooper scooper law in place. This means dog owners can be fined for not picking up after their furry friends (especially in a public place).

Brunete’s law (Spain) is even more interesting – A park will pack your dog’s excrement and mail it back to you. Maybe your city/town has not gone to such extreme lengths, but be sure that you may be penalized heavily for neglecting pet waste removal.

It Makes Life Easier in the Long Run

This is also a compelling motivation to pick up after your dog. The process may seem drudgery, but it will only make life easier for you, your neighbors, and your dog. Keeping your yard clean at all times means there’s no need to track unwanted mess inside the home. Plus, your interiors will stay odor-free.

Think about it – backyard barbecues, yard picnics, or simply walking barefoot can happen hassle-free. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about any legal issues.

Tips to Lessen the Health and Environmental Impact of Pet Waste

The above-mentioned pointers must have convinced you of the importance of pet waste removal. Now, let’s dive into some useful tips on how you can reduce the health and environmental impact of your furry companion’s excrement.

Carry Around a Dog Waste Bag

Your dog will not always poop in your backyard or front patio. During playtime in parks or a walk around town, they will compel you to stop once in a while. Even then, it is your responsibility to pick up after them.

The best way to do this is to carry around dog waste bags with yourself. Then, you won’t have to deal with any surprises. In case you’re interested, the global pet waste bags market size had a value of $43.8 billion in 2023 and is growing at the rate of 3%. It is indeed a very real and necessary practice!

Use the Services of a Pooper Scooper

Every dog owner has felt this tug-of-war at least once – choosing between adoring their furry pal and wishing their poop would magically remove itself. If you can relate, just know that you do not have to do the dirty work! Hire a pooper scooper service to keep your yard pristine.

The truth is that you cannot bargain with doggie droppings through enough playtime. Plus, picking up after them can be a time-consuming (not to mention smelly) endeavor. According to Scoop Soldiers, dog waste is more than just an eyesore.

It can quickly become a serious health hazard. Timely removal by the experts will ensure that no nasties infiltrate your surroundings. This means a safe environment for yourself and your four-legged comrades.

Flush the Waste if Possible

Another safe way to dispose of your pet’s waste is to flush it down the toilet. Why? Doing so sends it to the same wastewater treatment plant in which human waste enters. The EPA recommends this to be a good way of getting rid of waste. The wastewater treatment plants are designed to handle such waste effectively.

Feed High-Quality Dog Food

Is it not the best if your pet did not poop as much? That way, you will have little waste removal to worry about. For that, you must invest in higher-quality pet food. Such products have fewer by-products or fillers, which means your dog will eat less and stay fuller for extended periods. In short, nutrient-rich food = less poop to clean!

Not only is pet ownership on the rise, but even the costs of it – At least two-thirds of pet owners are cutting back on their needs to provide for their furry companions. Well, love is all about sacrifice, right? Many consider it to be a little to pay in return for infinite love and loyalty.

Tackling your four-legged friend’s waste is a tangible part of pet ownership. It will keep you, them, and others safe (even the environment!).