There are several cute little doggies out there who have their very own Insta-handles. People are going crazy over those smiling, naughty, and dressed-up dogs.

Many digital marketing experts believe that pet-related content will never be outdated on Instagram. This is because such type of content is different from those boring selfies and food pictures.

Whether you upload a video of a naughty pup or a picture of your sleeping doggo, either way, it’s going to win hearts. So, if you want your puppy to become an online celebrity, here’s how Instagram can help.

  • Find out what makes your pooch unique

Just like humans, every dog is different. Not all dogs like to run around, and not everyone loves doing tricks for the camera. Instagram is filled with mushy dog pictures, and people want to look at something different. So, think about what’s the one thing that makes people fall in love with your fur buddy.

For instance, you might have seen some videos where dog owners play games just to find out their pup’s reaction. You can do such things too to generate some creative and unique content for your doggo.

  • Post consistently

By this, we don’t ask you to upload hundreds of dog pictures or selfies at one go but to keep a consistent approach with the content. It would be best if you make an Instagram calendar that reminds you to post one or two posts a day. Remember, the more attractive your dog’s profile is, the more loyal his followers are going to be.

But there are some things you need to keep in mind before uploading your dog-related content. First of all, analyze what kind of content is getting more engagement. Is it the pictures, reels, or videos? Suppose your dog’s pictures are getting more likes and comments. In that case, you need to consider and try taking better photos of your dog to attract more and more followers. Also, make sure you try to come up with new angles and poses to keep your dog’s profile unique and exciting. You would also need to test timings and look for the one when your content has better chances for engagement.

  • Leverage the power of hashtags

There are many influencers out there who believe the more hashtags you are going to use, the chances of your profile being noticed elevates. And they can’t be more right about it. Hashtags are important, especially during the early stages of the influencer journey. But you have to pick the right ones for the right pictures.

For instance, if you upload your dog’s picture playing fetch, you can use hashtags like #happydog, #fundog, or #funfriday. Or, if you want to show off your dog’s new outfit, you can always use simple ones like #OOTD or #puperinos. In fact, you can also use some non-dog-related hashtags such as #cute, #fun, #play.

Final words,

If you feel that your doggie has the ability to become an online sensation, then Instagram can help you fulfill the dream. So, create your doggo’s Instagram profile and use the tips mentioned above to turn him into a celebrity.