Cats are known to be independent creatures. They love it when they have their own personal space. Cats are also keen on grooming themselves because they like things better when done their way rather than have a human being do it for them. But the thing is, not all cats can properly groom themselves, especially the ones who were born with long fur and may be carrying fleas. In such cases, cat owners like you should step forward and groom your pet by yourself.

You may first think it’s impossible to groom your cat on your own. Cats can be notorious and may squirm a lot when you force them to bathe or even be brushed. Fortunately, there are some tips you can follow in order to be able to safely and properly groom your cat at home like a true professional. These may take some getting used to for both you and your cat, but the possible end result is a lifetime of peaceful and efficient cat grooming sessions.

  1. Start Them Young

If you want your cats to grow accustomed to grooming, it’s best to start them young. Many kittens are less aggressive and more obedient during grooming sessions because their mother also grooms them. Thus, the situation may already feel natural to them. Once they’ve accepted  grooming as part of their routine, it won’t be too hard for you to clean them as they get older.

However, if you’ve adopted an adult cat, it may be harder to introduce grooming to them. By touching and handling them more often every day, your older cat may slowly get used to your touch and eventually give in to you for a grooming session.

  1. Bathe Your Cats Once They Are Calm

Perhaps you’ve imagined grooming your cat in a tub. But the thing is, cats and water don’t get along that well most of the time. When bathing your cat, avoid forcing them to do it, especially when they’re not in the mood. Not only will they be extra aggressive, but they’ll definitely be mad at you. Every time you try to approach them again, your cat might not only glare at you but also swipe at you with their paw as well.

Suppose you’ve found a perfect time to bathe your cat, and they’re in the mood. Go ahead and start preparing all the bathing essentials. You’re going to need a sink or a cat grooming tub, which you should fill with warm shallow water. Then, slowly pour water over your cat’s body, excluding their head and face. You can use a washcloth for their face. Avoid using shampoo for humans as it’ll be too strong for feline skin. Once done, dry your cat off with a big towel, or you can use a hairdryer if they can tolerate mild heat. Most importantly, don’t forget to soothe your cat by praising them throughout the bathing process.

  1. Brush, Brush, Brush

Regularly brush your cat’s hair, at least two to three times a week, in order to remove grease and dirt as well as prevent matted fur. Brushing also helps with your cat’s blood circulation and massages their skin. If your cat has long hair, you’ll have to brush it more frequently. While doing so, check your cat’s skin and search for any signs of skin problems. See if there are any fleas, scabs, ticks, and red spots to name a few.

  1. Clip Their Nails Every Few Weeks

Keep in mind that clipping your cat’s nails can take time and will require a lot of patience from you. Make sure your cat is comfortable with you holding and touching their paw. Start by gently massaging it so they’ll be familiar with the sensation. You can habitually touch your cat’s paws and wait until they get used to it before attempting to trim their nails.

Once the both of you are ready, use the type of cat nail trimmer that suits your cat’s fingernails and is easy for you to use. Gently squeeze a toe to allow the nail to come out and keep it from retracting. Make sure you’re clipping the tips of the nails only and avoid cutting the quick.

  1. Do Not Forget Their Ears

During your cat’s bathing session, don’t forget to check your pet’s ears for any sign of redness or discharge. When trying to clean their ear canals, get yourself a cat ear cleanser and closely follow the product’s instructions. Never use cotton swabs as these can damage their ears; instead, use a cotton ball as a safe alternative.

Keep Your Cats Clean And Healthy

As you follow all the grooming tips mentioned, make sure to practice enough patience, especially if your cat’s still showing some discomfort. Never scold them when they resist since this won’t do you and your pet any good. Although grooming your cat is your way of ensuring that they stay healthy and clean, understand that they’re independent and self-sufficient, so the process may be more challenging than you think.