As a small business owner and pet parent of four, I believe there is great value in clearly communicating my core values to you– my lovely and loyal customers! Whether you’re new to the Puff and Fluff community or you’ve been with us for years, I want you to know that the folks at Puff and Fluff are so much more than groomers and expert nail cutters. We genuinely care about animals and we treat each and every pet like our very own! Across all four of our shop locations, we hold these core values strong. I hope you’ll read through them to get a better sense of who we are:

Local Engagement: Keeping engaged and connected within our local community is so important to the team at Puff and Fluff. We love to hold events, from special deal days to collaborations with other local businesses! Additionally, we have a thriving online community where we encourage you to join the conversation. Join us on Instagram and ‘like’ us on Facebook for the latest news and pupdates!

Quality: Of course, one of the most important values at Puff and Fluff is the quality of our pet care services. We use only the best products to treat and pamper your furry friends! We don’t cut corners or skimp on anything just to save a buck. Not only does quality refer to the actual products and tools we use, but the people we hire as well. Only the best groomers work at our shops and they are just as obsessed with quality of care as I am!

Integrity: This is another huge value for the team at Puff and Fluff. Honesty and trust are essential in running a pet care business– if you have questions, we have answers. If you have concerns, we want to address them.

Aim to Please: Ultimately, the goal of Puff and Fluff is to provide services that will please both you and your pet! If you’re not satisfied with your pet’s nails, hair, etc., let us know! If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

Love of Animals: If you don’t love animals, you don’t belong at Puff and Fluff– it’s that simple! We not only love what we do, we care deeply and greatly for our furry (and hairless!) friends. We treat cats and dogs with all the love and care they deserve.

In addition to the above values, we have five other core values which include: patience, customer service, teamwork, transparency, and community creation. We are so thankful to our customers who continue to bring their pets into our grooming locations. What’s your favorite thing about Puff and Fluff? Let us know in the comments below!