From tail wagging and kisses to barks of joy and more, our furry friends love to show affection! Of course, all pets are different when it comes to how they like to express and receive love – but how do you determine your pet’s love language? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ll let you in on some pawesome tips and tricks to help you better connect with your canines and felines!

BUT FIRST: What IS a love language?

Made popular by Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages, the idea of a love language is that it’s a way to both express and experience love. The five love languages include:

  1. Gifts
  2. Touch
  3. Quality Time
  4. Acts of Service
  5. Words of Affirmation

While these love languages are intended for us humans, the same ideas can be translated towards your pets. Let’s break it down this way:

A gift can be a new toy or treat for your pet, while touch may include tons of pets, grooming, cuddles, and more. Walks and training sessions can serve as quality time while acts of service may include taking your dog outside, and introducing them to new environments or people. Finally, we’re all familiar with words of affirmation and probably already do this bunches – you’re such a GOOD boy/girl!!

While all of these things may sound great to us, your pet may not respond with equal enthusiasm to all love languages. Some pets have anxiety and may not like to be held or touched. Other pets may look really cute in that new sweater (gift) but it may cause them discomfort.

The best way to determine your pet’s love language is to see how they react to each one. You may find that your pet loves all these things! That’s great! Knowing what your pet doesn’t respond well too, though, will help with training and social situations moving forward.

I challenge you to use each day this week to focus on a different love language. Make note of how your pet responds to each one. If you start mixing the languages, it may start to sound like gibberish and you’ll be unclear which is best for your pet.

What is YOUR pet’s love language?! Let us know in the comments below! And be sure to shower them in whichever one they love most this Valentine’s Day!

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