Which Cat Food Is Better? - Wet Food or Dry Food

In the past years, cat owners have become more and more attentive when it comes to ideal cat nutrition. It’s widely known that there is a major difference in quality between brands of cat food: While some include all important ingredients, others are mixed with unnecessary fillers and sometimes even with attractants.

But there is one debate that is still swirling among cat owners: wet cat food versus dry cat food. Some experts argue that only wet food is the way to go. Others believe that the right answer is neither black nor white, as it all comes down to the quality of each specific food. If you’re unsure whether to feed your cat wet food or dry food, this article is sure to help you form an opinion.

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What You Need to Know About Dry Food for Cats

Dry food is very popular among cat owners for many reasons. As dry food is pressed and drained of water, it remains good for a long time. That means, it can easily be stored for long time periods as long as it’s left in a sealed bag. Cat owners also love how little dirt dry cat food makes. If anything falls next to the cat’s feeding dish, all you need is a hand-brush and a dust-bin in order to clean the floor.

The cleanliness issue really comes in handy for those, who own a messy cat that loves rummaging around in the food bowl. Dry cat food is usually cheaper than wet food. You might not realize the significant price difference at the store, but you will in the long run:

Dry food doesn’t contain any water, which makes it weigh less than wet food. As a result, the cat needs less dry food than the equivalence in wet food would be. As dry food doesn’t go bad as quickly as wet food, it’s also the perfect choice for cat owners, who need to leave their cat alone during the day.

Dry food can be left in the bowl for a few hours, which allows the cat to nibble throughout the day. People, who are highly odor-sensitive, also appreciate the fact that such cat food doesn’t have a strong smell to it.

When looking for dry food, you should make sure to only buy high-quality food. Visit https://thatsmeow.com/cat-food/ in order to find out what to look for in good and healthy cat food.

What You Need to Know About Wet Cat Food

Wet food usually comes in cans. The cans and contained preservative agents make sure that the food remains good for a couple of weeks or even months. That’s why modern cat food can be bought ahead. Wet food contains a lot of water. As many cats tend to drink a lot less than they should, wet food is often said to be better than dry food.

It’s true that cats need to drink a sufficient amount of water in order to keep up a good renal function. If you cannot ensure that your cat drinks enough water, you should definitely stick with wet food.

Many cats suffer from renal dysfunction. Cat owners, who have a cat with a poor kidney function, should stay away from dry food and buy high-quality wet food in order to help the cat flush out toxics. When buying wet food for your cat, make sure to find one with a high percentage of meat. Species-appropriate nutrition leads to a healthy coat and simplifies grooming your cat.

Finding a Good Compromise

If you’re unsure which type of cat food to buy, talking to your vet might help you decide. Wet food is always a good choice, but dry food has advantages, too. It’s also possible to feed wet food when at home and to prepare a bowl with dry food for your absences.

That way, your cat gets the best of both worlds. No matter what you feed, always make sure that it’s high-quality cat food.