You must have read everywhere that Labradoodle sheds twice a year, but the truth is they shed all year long. If you own a Labradoodle, you must be aware of that till now. Try vacuuming your home and you will know how much hair your dog sheds.

So, how do you control the shedding, and how frequently your Labradoodle needs grooming? It is a good habit to brush you Labradoodle once a day. You can take the dog outside to do it so that your home remains clean.

Here are a few additional benefits of brushing your dog

To Control Shedding:

As mentioned above, as you brush your dog’s coat every day, you will decrease the need of vacuuming or using lint roller on your cloths every day.

Maintaining Healthy Coat:

Another benefit of grooming regularly is they spread evenly their natural oil through the coat. This will keep the dog’s skin healthy and the coat gorgeous. The coat needs to healthy to protect them from cold winters and protecting them from sunburn. The oils repel water when they go to swim. Do not end up over-grooming your dog, resulting in stripping down the essential oils. Keep it optimal.

Build Bond:

Grooming your dog means spending more time with him. As you touch their coat, it develops closer bond, and it becomes a routine. This will also help the dog be comfortable with a human touch that is helpful when you visit a vet for check-up.

Choosing the right grooming brush is important, especially for heavy coat bread like Labradoodle. Check out the most top rated brush for labradoodle for some great options.

Additional Grooming Tips:

Bath your Labradoodle twice a month and brush your dog every day to reduce shedding. Trimming nails also comes within the grooming process, which should be done every month and is based on how fast your dog’s nail grows.

Do not forget their grooming also includes cutting the coat every 6 to 8 weeks. Doing it on your own may be tough, so it is better to get a professional groomer to do it. If your dog is active, then cutting nails may take longer because their nails will naturally file on the cement floor. But if your dog is not that active then you have to cut the nail else, they will walk slower. Remember to do it carefully and do not clip too far. It is better to get it done by a professional if you are unsure.

Like humans, your dog does not need to bathe every day. Also, too much bath can dry their skin up. Hence twice a month is more than enough.

If you have a puppy at home, then you may not follow this exact schedule as puppies do not shed that much. Though do not miss out on the chance of bonding with the puppy while grooming it as the bond and comfort you can create in this age can go longer. In the end, as your puppy grows to become an adult, he will sit calmly while you groom it. But for an adult dog, make sure to plan their grooming sessions timely.