With the holiday season fast approaching, sending a greeting card is a good way to stay in touch with your customers or clients. Indeed, anyone would appreciate getting a Christmas card during the holidays. Moreover, this is usually an opportunity for your business to show off its more creative and festive side. But why not upgrade the cuteness factor of your cards by sending a pet-themed card this year?

If your business already happens to have a mascot or company pet, this is a great opportunity to get them dressed up for the holiday season. Have someone design your mascot wearing all the right Christmas garb or depicting them engaging in a holiday activity of some sort. Similarly, you can dress up your company pet as the star of your Christmas card for maximum emotional appeal. But before you go through all this effort, you may be asking yourself: why are pet-themed Christmas cards so effective in the first place?

It’s Easy Brand Recognition for Your Business

Many companies are instantly recognizable because of their logo or mascot. When you think of Lacoste, the crocodile logo is what comes to mind. When you think of Taco Bell, a mental image of their adorable chihuahua icon usually follows. Featuring your company pet or mascot on your Christmas card will strengthen your own brand identity and help make it easier to associate that animal with your business. Giving out or selling branded merch like customizable pet products has the same effect as well.

Animals Are Likeable and Memorable Icons

The fact of the matter is that anything with animals naturally brings a smile to people’s faces. They are easier to remember and will always warrant a compulsion to share the content. Hence, sending your customers a pet-themed Christmas card will do more than just brighten their day. They’ll be so happy that they’ll happily share a photo of it with others online. As long as your card is properly branded, people who see shared posts featuring your card might become interested in checking out what your business is all about.

It’s an Effective Way of Standing Out from Your Competitors

Stellar and authentic customer service will always help give your company an edge. While many companies simply send a mass email or post something on their social media platforms to greet their customers, you can differentiate your brand by being one of the few companies that send out physical Christmas cards during the holiday season. It often gives off a more personal impression and demonstrates that your company cares about building long-term relationships with your audience.

Pet-Themed Branding Appeals to Emotions

When it comes to pleasing pet parents, it’s all about making an emotional connection with them. The relationship that they share with their pets is more than that of an owner and animal. Truly, their fur babies are more like a close friend or family member to them. Of the many companies that don’t remember or acknowledge pets as family, yours did. They’ll remember that.

Animals Help Tell Your Brand’s Story to Your Audience

The characteristics of the type of pet that you choose to display on your Christmas cards can serve as a way to represent your company’s values. If your business is all about being loyal to customers, for instance, featuring a dog on your card design would be a great idea. Businesses that are known for their dependability, on the other hand, can choose to feature a horse on their card instead. Some go the sentimental route and use their own pet’s likeness in their logo.

No matter which way you go about it, a pet-themed Christmas card with a memorable animal character can leave a positive impression on your recipients. This, in turn, will mean that they’ll look at your brand with fondness.

People Find Comfort in Animals

Though the holidays are usually seen as a jolly time for many, it can be a sad time for many people. Maybe they can’t spend it with their loved ones or they’re celebrating their first Christmas following the death of a friend or relative. Sending them a Christmas card is already a kind gesture, but including an image of a pet in the card can be even more comforting for them. After all, people think of faithfulness and companionship when they see pictures of pets. These are consoling concepts to remind your audience of during the holiday season, and they’ll be sure to appreciate it.

Even with the popularity of electronic greeting cards, there’s still nothing quite as exciting as receiving a physical Christmas card in the mail. With that in mind, sending your loyal customers a well-designed pet-themed card is not only a thoughtful gesture, but it’s also a great way to remind them that your brand exists. The sooner you get started crafting the perfect pet-themed Christmas card, the better.