A dog isn’t just a companion you can bring with you everywhere you go. As a pet owner, you have the responsibility to make them feel pampered, look after them well, and ensure that they’re always healthy. If your pet is comfortable and happy under your care, they’ll display good behavior that in turn would give you a reason to smile every day as well.

When you have a dog there are plenty of things you need to supply for them. Apart from their regular vet checkups, you should provide them with nutritious meals, take them out for their daily walk, and fulfill their hygienic needs. In line with this, you might also want to consider purchasing pet accessories as those can help your dog in ways beyond making them look extra dashing and adorable. And don’t worry because such items come in varying prices, so there’s bound to be options suitable to your budget.

Here are the affordable pet accessories your dog should have:

  • Dog Jewelry

There’s no specific rule saying that only people can accessorize themselves to enhance their appearance. To give your dog the same chance to grab everyone’s attention every time they leave the house, it’s a good idea to give them a piece of jewelry they can wear on a daily basis.

Fortunately, you can purchase jewelry for your dog practically anywhere. Since the demand for it is increasing, more and more companies are selling it for a lower price, allowing you to buy as much jewelry as you want. If it’s to your liking, you can buy matching sets that you and your dog could wear whenever you go for walks.

  • Dog Collar

One of the standard accessories your canine should have is a collar. When they have one around their neck, this would allow people to immediately know that your dog has a rightful owner should your four-legged buddy get lost. You can get multiple dog collars with various designs and colors so your pet can wear something for every day of the week. However, two are usually enough since you just need a replacement in case the other one is being cleaned.

There are numerous dog collar options on the market that you can choose from. While giving your pet a neck collar is basic practice, you might also want to purchase a body harness for maximum comfort, especially if you keep them leashed when spending time outdoors. This will prevent any tension around their neck, particularly if they make any sharp movements or change direction all of a sudden.

  • Dog Tag

More than just an accessory, a dog tag is essential for your pet’s identification. In case your dog gets lost in the crowd or your neighborhood, the person who finds them can simply look at the tag attached to your dog’s collar and contact you, the owner, right away. This’ll allow for easier communication and allow you to reunite with your furry best friend as soon as possible.

When having a dog tag made, include your and your pet’s names. It should also indicate your updated mobile number so people can give you a ring immediately.

  • Crate

If you plan to travel with your dog frequently, you should get them a crate so they can have their personal space. And with it, you can easily carry your pet with you without worrying about certain regulations as some destinations may require your pet to be inside a crate upon arrival.

To keep your dog comfy, you should set up a dog bed for them inside the crate as well. In this way, they don’t have to sit or lie on the hard surface of the crate. It’ll be their private room that you can even have at home. When it’s in your house, keep the door open so your dog can easily get inside whenever they want. 

  • Sturdy Leash

A collar wouldn’t be complete without a leash on it. With a dog leash, you can keep an eye on your dog every time you take them out for a walk. It’ll also prevent your dog from running away and train them to know exactly how far they should be from you. You’ll be able to avoid losing your dog and control which areas they can go to outdoors.

When shopping for a leash, you can go with a standard option, a retractable chain, an adjustable leash, or even a rope. The choice would depend on your needs, and you’re free to purchase several of them if you want.


There are many accessories you can purchase for your dog. With those, you can provide your furry buddy with proper care and give them a more comfortable life. While some items might be overpriced, they have budget-friendly counterparts you can look into. Also, you should keep an eye out for sales and promos so you can save more money.