Having a pet with you to support at all hours is indeed a blessing especially if it is a smart one like cat. Unfortunately, the way they maintain their cleanliness, they cannot do the same for their dirty litter boxes. The pungent smell is over empowering and can spread throughout the house like a fire.

Thankfully, you now don’t have to get rid of cat as there are ways to control the wafts of foul litter box smell.

1. Maintain Frequent Cleaning of Litter boxes

Keeping a regular pattern of disposing off the litter box waste is one of the surefire ways to keep the litter box smell at bay. Undoubtedly, cat likes cleanliness and it will surely not use the litter box if it is full or smelly. If it is not be litter box, it will probably be your floor or new carpet.

If the smell is not subsiding by cleaning it twice or thrice every week, try scooping out daily. However, it is best to scoop it twice daily, and wash and disinfect the box with unscented dish detergent once or twice a week.

2. Air Purifiers For Car Litter Smell

Air purifiers are a go-to thing if you do not have a well ventilated area and are allergic to dust and other fine particles.  Air purifer for cat liytter smell

Due to high demand and advancement in tech, manufacturers have now brought air purifiers especially designed for cat owners. They do not only remove pet dander but also help get rid of litter odor diffused in your indoor air.

Although now you know that an air purifier can help circulate fresh air, don’t just rush to the market to buy one. There are air purifiers, which use different filters and have different built-in features. The ones with HEPA filter are the best if you specifically want an air purifier for cat litter smell.

3. Modify Cat’s Diet

Little do people know, the cheap cat food that is based on wheat, rice, and oats contributes the most to litter box smells. Being a cat owner isn’t easy; even if you have multiple cats, try making meat and water most of the portion of your cat’s food so that you don’t have a stinky litter box.

Since cats are carnivores and not an omnivorous animal, grains are not what their digestion system is looking for. The smell of your cat’s urine can also get extremly smelly if you feed your pet with dry food.

4. Baking Soda or Any Deodorizer

To get rid of cat litter smell, use any deordorizer or add baking soda as an affordable option. There is nothing to wory about, as baking soda is non-toxic and it can help eliminate litter box odor to some extent effectively. Adding baking soda at the base of the litter box can help specifically absorb pet urine odors.

If baking soda doesnot work for you, get yourself a formulated deodorizer for the cat litter smell. They are extremely helpful in dealing with a stinky litter box.

5. Opt for an Open Location

Now one easy way to get rid of cat litter is to place the litter box in a well ventilated area. Covered boxes tend to absorb the smell and are later difficult to get rid of it.

Slight smell in a covered box or confined space can become a major stink and source of embarrassment. Better ventilated areas can help in odor control and dissipate the smell over a larger scale.

6. Charcoal Filter

Cat litter smell sometimes can be very stubborn to ged rid of and that’s where charocal filters can help with odor control. They are a type of non toxic carbon filter, which is best to use in the cat litter boxes. They work great in absorbing odor causing bacteria and cat litter smell.

Line the filter in your cat’s litter box or any vents to help draw up and absorb the foul cat litter box odors, giving off fresh and more breathable indoor air.

7. Get a Right Litter Box

Get rid of cat litter by investing in clumping litter boxes as clumping litters into balls can help remove the cat urine and feces easily. It is advised not to invest in scented litter boxes or odor control cat litter boxes as it discourages the cats to use the litter box; the perfumed smell can prove to be overwhelming for them. However, to get the best cat litter box, it is presumed to always first go through trial and error method as cats are very choosy about which litter box they will like and use.

Final Thoughts

Indeed strong ammonia smell of cat litter can take a toll on health. While an air refresher and baking soda is just a temporary solution to mask the smell on sudden arrival of guests, air purifier on whole removes the smell as well as pet dander and other harmful contaminants. However, that totally does not mean you neglect hygiene; frequent cleaning will not only ensure your health but your cat’s too.  To conclude, never get in marketing gimmicks of buying a scented litter box and do not forget that proper ventilation is the key to better health and hygiene.