You don’t want to get a pet only to make them feel resentful that they had you as their owner. Of course, dogs don’t feel this way for long. They’re some of the most forgiving and loyal creatures on this planet. But it’s cruel and unfair to not reciprocate such a selfless, highly dependent bond of affection.  

Fortunately, this post will share how you can spend quality time with your dog, including dog training. Most of the tips this post will share will not just benefit your pet but will also be good for your overall well-being.   

For example, did you know that dog training can relieve stress? It’s an activity that releases your furry friend’s pent-up energy while helping you decompress. That is one of the many good things you get from properly investing in your relationship with your pet dog.   

And that’s the key here: investment. Dogs deserve a share of your time, attention, and energy, like all good things in life. 

Here are effective ways to do just that.

  • Daily Walks 

Leisurely morning walks are a must for dogs. They provide both of you with exercise and fresh air, benefiting your overall health. 

Bring a litter bag and scooper to pick up your dog’s waste and dispose of it properly. This shows respect for your surroundings and prevents you from incurring fines or penalties.  

  • Playtime 

Dogs can be moody at times. Certain breeds, especially those with hunting or herding pedigrees, require a specific activity level to stay happy. You can figure that out for your dog by researching what their breed (or breed mix) enjoys.  

Once you determine that, you can establish a playtime routine with them. It can involve running around, playing fetch, or using specialized training equipment. These are excellent ways to release bottled-up energy and provide an enjoyable experience for you both.  

Playing with your dog has many incredible benefits, not just for them but for you. Some of them are:  

  • Maintaining a healthy weight  
  • Improving cardiovascular health  
  • Strengthening muscles and bones  
  • Providing adequate mental stimulation 
  • Improving the relationship between dog and owner  
  • Getting more opportunities to socialize with other dogs and people  
  • Relieving stress 

Remember to scale your playtime with your dog’s capabilities and your own. This should keep everyone from getting hurt or strained.

  • Training Sessions 

Teaching your dog new skills and commands brings great joy and satisfaction to you and lots of stimulation to your dog.   

Training requires focus and concentration, which can temporarily take your mind off stressful things. Moreover, the sense of accomplishment and bonding from every completed task helps you build self-esteem.   

Meanwhile, proper mental stimulation gives your dog a sense of control and confidence. This can help reduce their anxiety and stress, especially in unfamiliar situations. When they’re fully equipped with the right skills and can follow commands, they can cope better around people, and you’ll be more at ease taking them anywhere. 

  • Relaxing Together 

Dogs are very appreciative of the time you spend with them. They may not be able to express their appreciation as humans do. Still, they can show it by leaning on you or sleeping on your feet whenever you’re around.  

Just as you take time to play together, let both of you rest as much as possible.

  • Car Rides 

Not all dogs love car rides, but most do. You should pay attention to their body and sound language to know if bringing them for a drive is a good idea. Don’t push it if they feel anxious and scared.

If you want your dog to enjoy car rides, you must first acclimatize them to help them feel comfortable. You can bring their special blanket or toy and even ask your veterinarian for a particular medication you can give beforehand.

Of course, if your dog joins you on car rides, you must invest in road safety equipment for them.  

  • Grooming Sessions 

Brushing your dog’s fur, bathing them, cleaning their teeth, and trimming their nails can be another bonding experience for both of you. Just make sure you know how to do this properly.

While a grooming session is something you should occasionally do, you can always leave it to experts if you’re not confident in your skills. 

  • Visiting A Dog Park  

Dog parks are practically everywhere, even in malls. They provide plenty of opportunities for your pet to play and socialize. 

Before going to dog parks, first, check the requirements. Some require that you provide certification of your dog’s vaccination status. They may also prevent you from letting your pet in if they’re in heat or still too young to wrestle with other dogs.  

Treat Your Pawed Pal Right

Dogs can bring so much joy to your life. So, it’s only fitting to give it back to them. Following the tips will help you create many moments you will cherish.

What are you waiting for? Mark your calendar and take your dog to the park.