Waking up next to a dog you can cuddle with or come home to after having a long day outside is one of the best feelings in the world. While the good in owning a dog is proven to be satisfying, it comes with responsibilities that are needed to keep your dog in shape. While some people are comfortable grooming their dogs on their own, some cannot help but feel frustrated because of the amount of time and effort they have to put in for this, not to mention the tendency of not being able to fully clean and groom the dog properly. This is where people see the value of having their pets groomed. Those who have not tried having their pets groomed professionally often ask, is professional dog grooming worth it?

The Value of Professional Dog Grooming

If you have always been a penny-pincher because you do not see the value of professional grooming, brace yourself because this might be a life-changing read for you.

All-around Convenience

We all know that time is money and with that being said, time saved is money saved. Most of us go through our days clutching a to-do list with unending tasks that squeezing time to groom a pet is almost impossible. The best part about professional grooming is that you can easily call in or set an appointment at your most convenient time.

A lot of veterinarians make appointment-booking easy as they can be reached via email, phone, or through their websites. Apart from easy appointment-setting, you also have the liberty to drop them off, pick them up, or have them groomed in a mobile clinic. If you are someone who values money, a professional groomer is ideal for you.

Proper Grooming Mechanics and Tools

The difference between grooming done by a regular dog owner versus a veterinarian or a professional groomer lies in its quality. Sure, you can simply get a pair of scissors or an electric razor and cut away. You can also randomly pick up any pet shampoo in stores, but professional groomers have a way of picking out the best ones to make sure your pets have the shiniest and healthiest coat while keeping it flea-free and allergy-free. They also have the right set of tools for bathing, clipping, and tidying up your pets like no other. And lastly, they can execute whatever cut you want for your pet and you are guaranteed that your dog will look its best.

Well-handled Dog Traits

If you think bathing and grooming your dog is a walk in the park, then you better experience it for yourself. Having your dogs shaking off water from their coat and running around splashing water everywhere is hard enough. How much more if they use all their energy to forcibly flee away from you every time you try to contain them to bathe them, clean their ears, brush their teeth, trim their hair, or clip their nails. There are a lot of people who read on various pet guides to give them a bit of an advantage and capability to handle the entire grooming process well; however, not all of them end up greatly because some dogs have problems with aggression and anxiety.

Early Detection of Risks or Existing Conditions

If you bring your dogs to professional groomers, you do not only get proper care and cleaning for your pets. You also get people to look at your dog’s usually unnoticed body parts. They can take a look at your dog’s overall condition and recognize issues if there are any. They may tell you whether your dog has hot spots, mange, dry skin, bruises, or any other coat issues. You may think that those are fairly easy to detect, well, only if those are visible. With experts handling your dog, you can be sure that they have the eye and hands to know whether something is wrong or not.

No Need to Worry about the Dirty Job

Dogs vary in terms of activities and interests. When you have dogs that are very energetic, you cannot imagine the amount of work you will need after they set out on their own adventures. Some will be covered with mud, dirt, and other substances that they may have gotten along the way, while some will be flea or tick-infested. In this case, you will need twice or thrice of the regular cleaning products, effort, time, and energy than you usually use. This can be quite problematic and stressful for some, but with professional dog groomers within reach, this can be dealt with properly. No need to worry about anal glands, tangled fur, and dirty paws, because after a trip to the groomers, your pets will be spotlessly clean and fresh-smelling.

Score Useful Advice

Apart from getting the work done, you can get more benefits from professional dog groomers. You can easily ask those questions about your pets and have them explain how your pets are doing or are responding to the grooming or care routine that you have. They can give you useful and personalized advice as to how you can make your grooming sessions with your pets easier.

Is It Worth It?

There is a high percentage of people who are already getting professional grooming services for their dogs. However, there are also a good number of people who have no clue as to whether it is reasonable or worth the money. As for the question of whether professional dog grooming services are worth it, the answer would vary. In terms of quality, coverage, and convenience, this type of service is definitely better as compared to those that you do on your own. However, you have a lot of factors to consider.


A lot of shops offer dog grooming services; hence, it is important that you determine which one delivers quality and timely work. These shops also make their services available at varied prices, so it is imperative that you determine what kind of work you need and want for your pet and how frequently you need it. Once you are all set, you can gauge whether professional dog grooming services work for you or not.