The best grooming for your Australian Shepherd! We’ll show you how to clean your dog’s fur quickly and thoroughly. Grooming is important to keep your dog healthy, have less hair loss, and minimize hot spots and skin irritation.

The Fur of the Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd has a two-layer coat - a top layer and undercoat. This undercoat layer is extremely pronounced in this breed and must be brushed out regularly, otherwise, the dog can suffer from heat shock on hot days. If the undercoat sits directly on the dog’s skin, it can no longer equalize the temperature and the heat builds up in the fur.

Two-layer fur must never be sheared off; otherwise, the hair structure will be damaged, the fur will be “tangled” and the dog is no longer protected from sunlight and moisture. Intensive grooming is strongly recommended for this breed. If your Australian Shepherd starts to smell, there is nothing wrong with bathing with the right products.

The Best Grooming Accessories

For Australian Shepherd grooming, you need a specially developed long hair dog brush. Good grooming also includes a bath every now and then, if necessary. The theory that you should wash your dog only once a year is no longer correct because the care products for dogs are now so good and rich that it does not harm the dog to be bathed weekly.

As a dog shampoo, we recommend products that contain no chemically harmful ingredients and are biodegradable. We would advise against products that are available in normal pet shops because these products are often too hot and do not take into account the different pH values ​​of the dog’s coat and skin.

Australian Shepherd Grooming Instructions

To groom Australian Shepherds, we recommend using the best brush for Australian Shepherds. Brush your dog at least once a week to prevent matting and remove the loose undercoat.

Finally, you can vacuum over the fur with a pet vacuum cleaner attachment. It gently removes the loose outer hair and the flakes of skin loosened by grooming. The fur feels silky and clean and not greasy as usual after grooming.

It is enough to bathe your Australian Shepherd once a month or as needed. The right care product is important when washing your dog! If the fur feels very greasy or dull after several uses with a product, this product should be replaced.

Buy shampoo and conditioner individually - and not 2-in-1 products. First, wash the dog with the appropriate shampoo. After rinsing off the shampoo, apply the conditioner to the coat. This should act for about 3 minutes before rinsing it out.

Change of coat in the Aussie:

When changing the coat, it is best to brush your dog’s coat daily with the dog brush. Brushing is not only used for grooming but also strengthens the social bond with your dog. In addition to grooming the Australian Shepherd, we recommend visiting the dog groomer, as a professional can get a lot more undercoat out of the coat.