Losing a pet is a painful experience for anyone, whether it happens due to old age, prolonged illness, or an unexpected injury. If you own a horse that seems close to the end of life, emotions are most likely to overwhelm you. It is much like losing a friend and an adventure partner, but you must gather your strength and invest it in comforting the dying animal. Although you cannot do anything to save the horse, you can try to ease the final journey. Here are some ways you can do your bit for your dying horse.

Spend time with it

Spending time with your pet helps you make the best of the precious last moments. Even if the animal has deteriorating eyesight, it can feel your presence with smell and sound. Talk to the horse because your caring voice makes it feel safe and comfortable. Take it out for a walk every day to get some fresh air and sunshine. If the pet is too sick to go out, spend time with it in the stall.

Maintain a routine

Horses are animals of habit, so a familiar routine keeps them comfortable even as they approach the end of life. Have regular mealtimes if it shows interest in eating. You may throw in extra treats to coax it into eating if its appetite seems to run low. Maintaining a gentle yet regular exercise routine is a good idea as it will keep the equine active till the end. You can take it walking around a pasture, but make sure that you do not overexert it.

Seek advice from a vet

The last days are most likely to be painful if the animal suffers from an illness or struggles with signs of aging. You can discuss treatment options that can keep the horse comfortable during this phase. Problems like colic are common, and you can consider natural interventions like CBD to ease the symptoms naturally. You can learn more about the therapy and discuss it with your vet. It is safe and effective, and you can use it through till the end.

Surround it with familiar things

A dying horse can feel anxiety, just as you do at the thought of losing a close companion. Familiarity brings immense comfort in such situations, so make a conscious effort to have familiar things and people around. Take them only to familiar places where they feel easy. New places and environments cause anxiety and make animals uncomfortable, which is the last thing you will want the equine to experience.

Prepare yourself for the final goodbye

Even as you do your best to comfort a dying horse, it is vital to prepare yourself for the final goodbye. It is easy to cut out emotions and block the pain, but you will end up suffering more than you imagine. Start planning for burial or cremation, no matter how traumatic it seems. It will help you come to terms with reality and deal with the grief when the day comes.

Coping with the loss of a pet is daunting, but you have to move on. The best you can do is to help your horse be comfortable and happy during the final days. Create memories with pictures and videos you ca