How well do you know your Disney dogs? Take this little test to check how well you know them. No peeking at the answers just yet!


1. Watched over Wendy, Michael, and John Darling. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to come with them to Neverland!

2. He was best friends with Tod the fox since he was just a pup.

3. From high school Powerline days to their college X Games, this trio stuck it out together.

4. A Dalmatian born without spots – truly one of a kind!

5. We always knew he was a little sweetheart inside – not at all like his owner, Ratcliff!

6. Mulan got some of her chores done with “help” from her little furry buddy.

7. He found Ariel before Price Eric did!

8. When their 15 puppies were stolen by Cruella De Vil, they went out in search for them and found 86 more!

9. The high school crush of Goofy’s son.

10. A hero both on an off screen.

11. This little home buddy fell in love with this lady pup from the street.

12. The street-smart leader of Fagin’s dog gang.


Nana | Cooper | Max, PJ, and Bobby | Oddball | Percy | Lady & Tramp | Max | Pongo & Perdita | Roxanne | Bolt | Scamp & Angel | Dodger