Orthopedic dog beds are not meant just for older dogs. Even younger dogs like chihuahuas or greyhounds need these beds to prevent calluses under their hips and elbows where there is no padding. If your pet’s breed suffers from arthritis, joint pain, or potential hip dysplasia, get the Furhaven orthopedic dog bed or something similar to ease its issues.

What is an orthopedic bed?

An orthopedic dog bed supports a canine’s joints and bones, especially the elbows and hips. When your pet lies down on the bed, it should not feel the floor’s hardness. Some of these beds consist of memory foam but ensure the filling is thick to provide adequate support to your pet at all times. The thickness allows the bed to last for a long time.

Other beds are filled with cedar chips, cotton, or polyester fillings. But, whatever you buy, see to it that the filler does not separate or settle. It leads to the floor-through-the-bed feeling, which you had initially thought of removing.

What signs indicate your dog needs the orthopedic bed?

If your pet finds getting in and out of its regular bed challenging or moves slowly after sleeping on its regular bed throughout the night, it may mean that the animal needs a special kind of bed. Your dog also needs the bed if it has stiff joints, does not want to sleep on its bed, or keeps changing its position constantly.

Indeed, aged dogs need soft beds to rest as they suffer from health issues. But, your pet may be young and still feel distressed with ailments or be very skinny. The bed will be beneficial for such a pet too.

How to buy an orthopedic bed for your pup? 

Size: If your pet curls up to fit the bed, the animal’s joints will be pressurized. So, the bed should be large so that the dog can stretch fully.

Filling: A solid piece of foam is ideal for a dog orthopedic bed. It should be at least two inches and a maximum of seven inches thick to provide ample support to the canine. Push the bed’s surface to check if you can touch the floor. If you can, do not buy it as it is too thin for your pet.

While paying attention to softness, do not forget the dog’s mobility and height. Otherwise, you may make it difficult for the poor animal to get in and out of bed.

Design: The market is filled with several design options when it comes to dog beds. Choose the one you know will be best for your pet’s comfort.

Cover: Do not let the bed get dirty as it may lead to germ build-up. So, a bed with a removable and washable cover is a great choice. If your dog is bleeding from an accident, this cover can be helpful as it lets you keep the bed clean.

Now that you know why and how you should buy an orthopedic bed for your arthritic dog, you cannot go wrong with picking a bed such as the Furhaven orthopedic dog bed.