A grooming table is of paramount importance if you wish to keep your pet well-groomed. It is one of the most important grooming aids you can buy for your dog.

However, the real art lies in choosing a table that’s best for your needs. You should always look for a table that caters to your dog’s needs and is under your budget.

You might be thinking of how you can find the perfect electric grooming table to suit your needs. It’s not that hard. All you have to do is take care of a few caveats.

#1 Stick to your budget

Although it’s exciting to buy an electric grooming table with multiple features, you need to keep your budget in mind.

Several grooming tables come with additional features like rotating tabletops for easier access and lights for illuminating hard-to-see areas. These can be opted for if you have a higher budget.

That said, you could also purchase a minimalist table and add whatever feature you like later on.

#2 Know your type

Once you’ve decided upon a budget, it’s time to think about the kind of table you want. Grooming tables are usually divided into portable and stationary types.

Portable tables are mostly used by groomers who are always on the go or who tend to their dogs at home.

Stationary tables constitute hydraulic and electric tables. These are mostly used by owners with multiple pets or who have a grooming salon.

An electric grooming table comes with a switch that helps adjust the height of the table. A hydraulic table has a pedal that’s used for adjusting the height.

#3 Choose the right height

The table should be of a height that is comfortable for you. It must be easy to stand by, so it doesn’t strain your back while grooming your dog.

The best one would be an adjustable table for ease of access. There’s also a chance that your family takes turns tending to your pet. An adjustable table will come in handy, as your family members can adjust the table as per their individual needs.

Plus, if your dog is heavy, you can simply place him on the tabletop at ground level and hoist the table to your height.

You’re ready

If you can stick to the three caveats listed above while shopping, you’ll find a table that best fits your needs. Again, it’s best to stick to a budget first and then add features later on.