Small dog breeds are very popular, and for good reason. Many of them are so cute that it is almost impossible not to fall in love with their large eyes and furry bodies. Although they may be small, you should still take good care of them because this is the only way to ensure that your house will always be filled with positive energy. 

Here’s how to take care of your much loved little friend:

  1. Feed your small dog twice a day to keep it happy and healthy. 

Dogs need around 20% protein in their diet, something which can be difficult to achieve with some brands of food for large dogs, but is easy with brands designed for small breeds. This breed also has fewer teeth than bigger dogs, so will find it difficult to chew or hold larger pieces of food. 

The answer - feed them smaller sized portions more often through the day if possible! 

  1. Small dogs are prone to dental disease due to the lack of calcium in their diets over time. 

As they age, this can lead to heart problems as well, since their hearts need calcium too. To reduce the risk of calcium deficiency and subsequent heart disease , add calcium to their food - but be very careful not to add too much, or they might develop kidney problems.

  1. Taking care of your small dog means keeping it at a healthy weight. 

You should be able to feel its ribs and also be able to see a waistline midway between its hips and ribcage when viewed from the side. If you cannot, you need to take it back to the vet for a check up as soon as possible because it could suffer from major health problems if left unchecked - such as diabetes or heart disease. Also, don’t assume that your dog is at a healthy weight because it always seems happy and playful!

  1. Small dogs lack stamina and tend to get tired quickly 

Due to their low muscle mass, which means they should not run around too much outside in really hot weather – especially if they are very old. On warm days give them lots of water and rest often, especially if they are not used to this kind of weather.

  1. Small dogs tend to be more fragile and prone to injury 

Do not let your small dog jump off high surfaces or run up and down the stairs because they will suffer from potentially fatal injuries such as fractures. They may seem tough, but give them some food for thought

  1. Take care of your little furry friend by using specific products designed just for small dog breeds

If possible, use an antibacterial shampoo made especially for small dogs with sensitive skin, since these tend not to be so harsh on their coats. Then give them a brush before washing them with warm water without making it too hot. 

Never forget that your small dog is more vulnerable than you might think, so take good care of him!

“If you feel like your small dog might be susceptible to any of these health issues, consider a pet insurance company for added coverage.”

Take good care of your small dog and make sure you do lots of fun things together!

When going out  for a walk, do not forget to bring water for your little furry friend just in case it gets thirsty!

Don’t give in to temptation and try to pick the dog up - get down on its level instead.

Take care of your small dog in the same way that you show it love and affection, but remember that it still needs to be trained! Small dogs are very smart animals indeed, so use treats to encourage them to follow your instructions. 

Come up with some little tricks your dog can perform for a tasty treat or praise each time they do something right. Not only is this good for its character, but will also help you teach it how to behave properly too.

Finally, never lose sight of just how important training is when looking after small dog breeds . If you neglect this aspect, their behavior could get out of hand due to lack of boundaries - which means they might start trying to become the leader whenever one person is not around or if you are not showing enough affection towards them.