In the past 10 years, pet ownership has increased steadily in the whole US. Approximately 67% of Americans own any kind of pet in their homes. While 53% of Americans own the most popular pet dog. And, the best part is that all of the pride owners consider their pets as their family members.

But all the owners know that owning a little animal comes with a certain amount of vigilance and responsibility. When you’re with your pet, you must be taking care of them properly. But when you go out, there are some unexpected hazards your pet might face. Dogs and cats can be very curious about things around them, so it would be better if you follow their safety precautions before stepping out.

Here’s the list of potential hazards your pet might face at home. Check out the list and ensure that your baby pet is safe when you’re not around.

Keep them in the right environment

The major safety concern about a pet is to provide them a comfortable temperature. Animals are susceptible to the temperature changes around them. The temperature of your home can be either too high in summers or too low in the winters. And, too hot and too cold temperatures can cause risk to their health. So, it would be best to check the temperature before leaving your home. If it’s cold outside, consider turning on the heater and vice versa for summers.


Keep the dangerous elements out of their reach

Keeping all of the potentially dangerous elements out of their reach of your animal is the second most important thing. Dogs or cats are one of the most irresistible animals and wander freely in the whole house. So, make sure all the things that could hurt them aren’t in their reach.

There can be some dangers lurking in different places of the house. And, the biggest one is the fireplace in your house. Your pet can get harmed by heat, flames, or ashes.

Plus, the wooden fireplace takes a while to cool down. We will suggest you replace your wooden fireplace with an electric fireplace for the sake of the safety of your baby pet. Now if you wonder, are electric fireplaces safe for pets? The answer is yes. Because electric fireplaces don’t burn wood and are even safe to touch.

Your cabinets might be full of cleaning supplies, chemicals, bleach, or detergents. These household items may lure your pet to gulp them. So make sure before heading out you’re locking every single cabinet of your home. You can even consider implanting child safety cabinet locks. Because some smart dogs or cats can open the regular locks effortlessly.

The garbage box might look gross to you. But your pet can be attracted to it. The garbage box contains spoiled food, plastic wraps or chemicals, etc. These things can harm your little pet, right? So to prevent it, find a way to keep the garbage box out from the reach of your pet.

Also, pets love to chew everything that comes their way. But when you’re not around that habit can cause a choking threat. So before leaving them alone, don’t forget to hide their toys somewhere.

Wrapping up

Pets are innocent creatures. They don’t understand the potential hazards of dangerous things around. Obviously, they add happiness to our lives, and you can’t see them getting hurt. So be sure that when you’re leaving your little buddy alone even for a while, they are safe and secured.