Have you ever tried brushing your teeth and at the same time, eating a creamy biscuit? Well, cleaning a house with a pet in it is almost similar to that kind of situation. While it is not precisely the same, a mess is bound to happen immediately after you are through cleaning one in the house. That is why it is advisable to learn a few tips and tricks on how to manage a house with pets. Pets light up and warm a home by making everyone excited. Researchers claim that pets can make humans feel happier and help to alleviate stress. This is the more reason why you do not need to give up on your little creatures, even when they get on your nerves with numerous messes.

Most people assume that no house with pets can ever be clean. In fact, some property owners caution their tenants about living with pets. In essence, others go to the extent of banning pets from their premises for any tenants looking to get houses. Why all this hate on innocent pets when you can control how they act? Luckily, for those who love pets and at the same time enjoy a clean environment, it is still possible to have the two.

Keeping a house clean with pets is not a walk in the park. However, it is not an impossible fete to achieve. You need to put in extra effort and dedication. Here are some of the ways you can use to ensure that your pet does not turn your house upside down:

Preferably get pets that shed little hair

While all pets are bound to shed hairs, some tend to shed more and others less. Pet hairs pose the most significant challenge to homeowners. Most breeds may look very elegant and presentable, but leave your house looking like a mess with their strands.

Luckily, a few breeds such as the Labradoodles and Schnauzers do not shed many hairs. On the contrary, breeds such as Akitas and Siberian Huskies tend to shed immense hairs in the form of balls. This can leave your floor in a huge mess and discourage you from pets.

Therefore, when you are planning your next pet purchase or adoption, consider getting those that shed off fewer hairs. However, everyone has their preferences when it comes to the type of pets. So, if you think that the breed with high hair shedding tendencies matches your liking, go ahead adopt.

Train your pets

Pets are almost like humans in the sense that you can train them. In the same manner that you teach a child from a tender age, you can equally do the same for your cute little pet. Train your pets to use individual facilities you create for them to ease themselves. This way, they do not mess up your lawn or house.

If you cannot do the training on your own, then consider hiring a professional to help you. However, note that this is process requires immense patience, as it does not occur overnight. You can buy a new litter box every year. This is because cats and dogs tend to scratch their litter boxes and this can make them susceptible to absorbing stool and urine from the pets.

Clean up spots and messes immediately

Never wait or leave anything to chance when handling your pets. The truth is that when you have pets, you need to be extra clean. Try to wipe all surfaces messed up by your pets immediately you notice. Such spots and messes can soon develop into stains that you would not want to see inside your house.

Besides, the spots and messes can quickly spread all over the house when the pets continue moving around. Most people make the mistake of waiting to clean up everything by the end of the day. This is where they go wrong.

After you have attended to the accident or mess created by your pet, use a special odor-fighting spray to clear the stench present. You do not want visitors getting into your house, and the first thing they notice is the extremely foul odor.

Use the right equipment when cleaning

Cleaning a house that has a pet mess is not an easy fete. Therefore, you cannot do it using inappropriate tools. This is unless you want to achieve a shoddy job. There are particular types of brushes and mops that you need to use, which help you clear all pet-related messes more easily. Dog and cat hairs, to be more precise, are very persistent and do not easily come off carpets and seats. This is why you need to use a squeegee brush to make sure that you have removed every pet hair. When you use this brush and combine it with firm strokes, you will be shocked at what comes out jumping from your carpet.

Alleviate bad odors

As hinted earlier in the text, you need to make sure that you have dealt with odor coming from the house. Pets are bound to leave your home smelling worse than a pigsty sometimes. However, if you are careful enough, this will not be anything close to the case in your house.

Use special odor repellants and air fresheners to help you deal with this condition. For example, you can use essential oils, scented candles, and potpourri, among many other items. Do not leave your home smelling like damp dogs when you can use natural room fresheners. Try to avoid the artificial sprays as they may cause allergies within the house.

Hire professional cleaners

Nowadays, there are special cleaners dedicated to cleaning messes created by pets. They come with all the needed equipment to clear everything pet-related. All this comes at an affordable fee that will not drain your pockets.

You can opt to call them once in a week or so, as they do a thorough job inside your home. Well, not everybody can easily afford to hire cleaning people fulltime. However, for a rare type of arrangement, most homeowners will not have any trouble.

The best part about these professional cleaners is that they make a difference visible before your very eyes.

Deal with paws

Muddy paws often make a house very untidy within minutes. During the rainy season, dogs tend to go outside and play in the mud, thus, coming back to the house with muddy paws. Immediately they step into the house and walk around; you will loathe the sight you experience.

A good practice is to wash their paws after they are done playing outside. Better still, you may opt to invest in doggy rain boots, which they can always go out to play with. This way, even when they come with dirty paws, all you need to do is to remove the boots and hug your pet back into the premise.

If you cannot buy the boots, then take your time to wipe the paws before allowing them inside. This will save you a lot of trouble cleaning later after a potentially colossal mess. You can always have a microfiber cloth close to the back door, solely for this purpose.

Keep laundry clean and well-placed

Pets have a potent scent emanating from their bodies. Every time they get in contact with any of your clothes or linen, they leave them smelling like you know what. The best practice is to remove any piece of clothing that you are not using from the pet’s access. Besides, you will equally need to clean the pieces that your pets use to sleep, for instance. This is something you need to be accustomed to since pets’ beddings and laundry get dirty very quickly. You do not want the stench coming from the laundry to fill the whole house.

Get the right type of furniture

Whenever you are shopping for furniture, be extra careful in the kind you buy. Some tend to stain easily and tear apart due to any tension. Such pieces of furniture will have a hard time standing the test of time, especially with pets all over the house. Remember, pets such as dogs and cats have claws that can cause massive destruction within the home. Since you cannot cut the nails every day, then you will need to take extra precautions with your household items.

You need to purchase sturdy and robust furniture that will not easily tear apart at the slightest impact. Some cats will snag claws onto delicate fabric, and you want yours to be ready for the effect when it happens. What better way to ensure this than using specially designed home furniture?

Have a box of baby wipes next to you

Pets are just like babies. So, where is the harm-using baby wipes on them? In essence, it even makes your work easier. You may not have the energy to wash your cute little one every time. This is where baby wipes appear. They help you remove dirt from the pet’s body surface, as he or she waits for the next clean up.

Keep up with your pet’s general grooming

Pet grooming is imperative if you are looking to have your house clean, and at the same time, maintain the pet. If you cannot handle the grooming process yourself, then get a professional to help.


In summary, having a pet does not in any way mean that your house has to be in a mess. Therefore, pets and a clean house can coexist. You only need to strike a balance between your pets and your house’s cleanliness.


by Susan Saurel — a full-time writer. Susan lives in Houston, Texas, but she spends most of her spare time traveling around the globe and meeting new people and cultures. As a passionate writer, Susan is eager to share the professional experience with her readers through working for write my essay services.