Pet owners who are passionate about their pets are normally fairly easy to shop for. Buy anything pet-related, and nine times out of ten, the owner will love it. However, there are so many pet-related products on the market today, choosing the best gift for a pet owner can be a rather overwhelming task. In this guide we discuss the best affordable gifts for pet owners, to help give you an idea on where to start in your search for the best pet-related gifts, 

Pet Zone IQ Ball

The Pet Zone IQ Ball is a great product to increase your dog’s physical and mental ability. The ball dispenses treats depending on the way it is rolled, making it a problem- solving puzzle of sorts. You can adjust the difficulty level to make it easier, so no worries about your canine becoming too frustrated. The tool is also designed to promote solve, healthier eating habits for your dog. The toy is made from a safe, durable plastic that is easy to disassemble and clean.  

Pet Portraits

Pet portraits are a great gift for any pet owner that adores their pet. With most services, all you have to do is simply snap a picture of your animal and send it in, and they will take care of the rest! Pet portraits look great in any home, and most services offer different framing options to ensure your portrait fits the theme of your home decor. If the owner has multiple pets, you should be able to find a discounted double-portrait instead of paying for two separate portraits. 

Car Seat Covers

Anyone that travels with a shedding pet knows that car seat covers are a must. Car seat covers protect your car seats from the wear and tear that an animal’s claws can make, along with keeping them clean of dirt and hair that pets are likely to leave throughout your vehicle. If you are extremely comfortable with a sewing machine, you can make this a DIY project. However, car seats have many different dimensions and layouts, so design is best left to the professionals. 

Trackable Dog/Cat tags

Trackable dog and cat tags are extremely useful for an animal owner, and can give them a piece of mind when it comes to the safety of their pets. Most trackers are connected to a phone app, and the owner can quickly locate their lost pet accurately in a matter of seconds. More importantly, this shows that you care about the well being of your friend’s pet. 

Customizable Pet T-Shirts

A customizable t-shirt is a great way to have complete creative control over your gift. If you aren’t worried about your gift being a surprise, you can even let the lower design the t-shirt themselves! However, if you are gifting the t-shirt as a surprise, you should do a little investigating to see what the owner likes most about their pet. Anything sentimental is great to put on a t-shirt, but a picture of the pet is a widely popular design idea that works just as well. 

Portable Water Dispensers

Keep your dog hydrated on those long walks, without having them struggle to sip from a water bottle. Portable water dispensers have a trough like dispensing attachment, that make it easier for your dog to lap up water on the go. Be sure to go with an option that has been deemed non-toxic, and made of safe plastic materials. 

Still Don’t Know What Gift to Get? 

If you have read through this guide, and are still unsure about what to gift a pet owner, the best solution is to simply ask them what they could use. Pets run through toys, collars, and other items frequently. Simply asking the owner what they are at a shortage of can save you the hassle of trying to figure out the best gift to give, and can provide the most value to the owner. 

Credit: Russell Michelson | marketing | west & willow |