With five locations in the Phoenix area, Puff & Fluff is always here to take care of your pet’s every grooming need! Of course, even with regular grooming appointments, there is a certain level of maintenance that needs to be taken at home to care for your pet’s coat. In fact, proper coat care is essential for keeping your pet both happy and healthy! If you’re unsure of where to start, don’t worry. You don’t need complicated or expensive tools to keep your canines and felines looking sharp. Check out the tools below that all pet parents should have in their homes!


Tear Stain Facial Cleanser

We use this lovely blueberry-scented facial cleanser in our Puff & Fluff shops. Not only is it safe for both cats and dogs, but it works to soothe and hydrate your pet’s skin. The mild blend gently removes dirt and tear stains, and it won’t irritate your pet’s eyes! SPA Facial Cleanser is perfect for all skin types and for pets of all ages– in fact, us humans can use it too! The full list of ingredients includes: water, mild coconut cleanser, vanilla, blueberry, kiwi, Vitamin E, oatmeal, white tea, and ginger. Grab this product from our online shop today!


Medium Pet Comb

Of course, the size of your pet will dictate which size comb you need– but if you’re unsure, a medium comb is a great place to start. At our Puff & Fluff shops, we use these metal pet combs to keep your furry friends looking fresh! Combing your pet’s coat regularly will not only make their coat nice and glossy, but it’s also a great form of bonding! This comb has strong, rounded teeth that will work perfectly for detangling your pet’s fur without scraping their skin. Pick one up from our online shop for just $10 today.


Slicker Brush

Okay, so what’s the difference between a pet comb and a slicker brush you may be wondering! While a comb helps to detangle your pet’s hair, a slicker brush is the most common and versatile of the pet brushes because it works so well with all different types of coats. In fact, slicker brushes may have short, bent, wire or plastic bristles which work to grab and remove your pet’s loose undercoat. It also helps to prevent tangles and matting. Make your pet look slick and pick one up from our shop now!


Furminator Brush
Last brush on the list, I promise! The Puff & Fluff team loves the Furminator brush because not only does it reduce shedding up to 90%, it has a handy feature that makes cleaning much easier! The Furminator brush has a button which easily removes the loose hairs from the tool. Plus, the handle is comfortable and makes grooming your pet that much easier. We recommend this product for dog owners, and you can grab one today from our online shop.


The tools you need to maintain your pet’s coat at home will depend on the breed and size of your pet. There are plenty of other grooming tools available for pet parents, but we recommend leaving the pawesome haircuts and styling to the Puff & Fluff team! In fact, scheduling is now easier than ever. Book online with any one of our five locations today!