In the digital age, the internet is overwhelmingly saturated with pet information and pet blogs! How do you decide which one is worth following and keeping up with? Luckily, we’ve picked our top 5 pet blogs we think you should be tuning into! Not only are they informative but they offer humorous insights, anecdotes, and, of course, plenty of adorable photos! Let us know which pet blog is your favorite in the comments below!


  1. Adventures with Maggie
    Looking for tips and tricks from a professional dog trainer? Follow Nicole Ellis and her beloved dog, Maggie, as they adventure around the world together! This blog not only features helpful health and safety tips for pets, but Nicole writes of her extraordinary outdoor excursions with Maggie along the way. Maggie is a Bichon, Mini Poodle mix who was rescued from a shelter in Los Angeles. Since the start of her blog, Nicole has added another mutt to her pack as well named Rossi Bear. Nicole is also the author of the book, Working Like A Dog.
  2. The Conscious Cat
    For all my cat and kitten parents out there, this blog is for you! The Conscious Cat is run by award winning author, Ingrid King. With two cats of her own, Allegra and Ruby, Ingrid offers advice and lessons learned about feline health, nutrition and lifestyle. Ingrid also offers consultations for those dealing with behavior issues, dietary concerns, pet loss, and more.
  3. Pawsitively Pets
    Not just a blog for dog and cat lovers, Pawsitively Pets features many articles about exotic pets as well! “Dedicated to all things animal,” this blog was started by Ann Staub, a Texas native who worked as a Vet Tech for 5 years. Ann had a pitbull named Shiner who has since passed away. She currently has two cats named Roadside and Callie, as well as two [human] daughters!
  4. Oh My Dog!
    This blog is run by a woman named Maggie who strives to post content that revolves around her main core values, including: compassion, service, authenticity, community, and environmental responsibility. Maggie is an author who lives in Indiana with her husband, their pit mix Cooper, a black cat Newt, and tortie kitten Ripley. She also has a daughter named Violet. Oh My Dog! offers funny stories and cool posts, including 5 dog books to read this summer!
  5. Happy Dog PhoenixIf you’re located in the Phoenix-area like myself, you’ll definitely want to check out this fun blog! Happy Dog Phoenix was started by award-winning writer and Arizona native, Jodie Snyder. Looking for niche advice about coyotes, monsoons, and what to do when 110-degree days hit? Look no further for Jodie’s got you covered!


In addition to the above blogs, we hope you’ll continue to follow along with Puff & Fluff! We’re always posting tips, tricks, and special deals that you can take advantage of in our five locations. Does your pet need a nice spa day and groom? Book online today!