Let’s face it– most felines just aren’t as cuddly as their canine counterparts. Of course, the Puff & Fluff team loves both cats and dogs, no matter how cuddly they may or may not be. While some cats can be quite dog-like, it can take others quite a bit of warming up. Do you want to know the secrets to cuddling your cat without overwhelming him or her? Below are some fun tips! 


Be very gentle – Again, cats can be a bit more skittish than dogs when it comes to being pet, held, and/or cuddled. While dogs may like an aggressive scritch and scratch, cats require a much gentler approach. These delicate creatures require their humans to have a calm, easy touch. Don’t force your cat into cuddles– they’ll just end up scampering away! 


Watch the tail – Cats are notorious for rubbing up against arms, legs, and even chairs with their fluffy tails…but that doesn’t mean they want you to go grabbing it! While some felines may be an exception, overall they don’t enjoy having their tail touched. If you’re trying to gain ground cuddling, definitely avoid this area! 


Focus on bellies and chins – Your cat will be much more open to cuddling if you know their soft spots! For most, that’ll be the belly and chin areas. Again, always be gentle when giving belly rubs and chin scratches.  


Bribes can work too – So, you want a cuddly lap cat? Try rewarding your favorite feline with treats every time he or she lets you pet, hold, or cuddle them. This helps to establish a positive association with being cuddled, making it less menacing and more fun!  


I hope these tips work for you and your cat! However, there are some cats who simply will never enjoy the same attention that most dogs do…and, in that case, you have to let them be. Every cat has a unique personality and some may be more touchy than others.  


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