With the summer sunshine upon us, it’s the best time of the year to spend time outdoors with your pets! However, just because most pets have a furry coat doesn’t mean that they’re immune to the sun’s harsh rays. In fact, cats and dogs can suffer from sunburn just like humans! So, how can you protect your pet’s skin in the sun? There are plenty of great tips and products on the market to keep your pet’s skin safe! We’ve outlined some of the best methods below. 



Did you think sunscreen was just for us humans? Think again! There are plenty of pet-safe sunscreen products to protect your cats and dogs from the sun’s rays. From SPF sprays to sun protection balms, it’s a good idea to keep these products handy if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors with your pet this summer.

It’s crucial to use PET-SAFE sunscreen products. Do not use products intended for humans on your pets. While many human sunscreens contain zinc oxide, this is extremely toxic to pets if ingested. Never ever use sunscreens that contain zinc oxide on your pet! Be sure to read the ingredients on any pet sunscreen prior to using and, if you’re still unsure, consult with your vet to know what’s safe for your pet.  


UV Protective Clothing 

You may think additional clothing during the summer is the OPPOSITE of what your pet needs, but in some cases it can actually be quite helpful. There are plenty of lightweight, protective clothing styles intended to keep pets cool and safe from the summertime heat. From dog shirts and sun hats to doggles and more, your pet may be the most stylish one on the trails this summer! 


UV protective clothing is a great way to shield hairless pets from the sun. Be sure the clothing fits your pet properly and doesn’t hinder his or her ability to walk or go to the bathroom. These clothes can prevent your pet from overheating, allowing them to spend more time playing outside. 


Avoid Midday Sun 

Of course, the best way to keep your pet’s skin safe is to avoid the sun altogether– but that’s no fun! What you can do, however, is avoid bringing your pet outside when the sun is at its strongest. If you are outside during midday with your pet, try and find a shaded area, in addition to following the above tips to keep them cool and safe.   


If your pet seems to be panting and/or drooling excessively, has a rapid heart rate, or other symptoms, he or she may be suffering from heat stroke. Remember, just because you may like to enjoy the peak heat of a beautiful summer day, your pets need to be kept shaded and cool. Pets are incredibly intelligent, but they may not know when the sun is too much for them.  


It’s easier than ever to keep your pet’s skin safe in the summer heat! Looking for additional tips to keep your pet safe this season? Check out this blog post for fun “pupsicle” recipes and summer grooming tips! How do you keep your pet’s skin safe this time of year? Let us know in the comments below!