Pet choice is subjected and everyone can have a different kind of taste when it comes to pet and dogs are said to be the most adopted as well as bought pets followed by cats and there are so many varieties of dogs so no matter what your personality is but you would still get one that would fit your personality which is a great thing about dogs. There are so many varieties of dogs mentioned at Petsnurturing that you can go through. Even though you can have different taste when it comes to dogs but if you are not very versatile in keeping and training pets then you may want to avoid some varieties of dog breeds as they can be hard to train and are aggressive at the same time so you should mainly focus on Easiest Dogs To Train as they are very sincere and would not become aggressive at all and these are mainly family dogs so you would not even have to worry about leaving your kids with these dogs. If you have already planned to get an easy to train dog then here are some of the recommendations that you can go through and accordingly you can choose the best out of them for your home:

Bernese Mountain Dog:

If you are all about family dogs that would protect your family then this can be an idle one to go with as it is quite huge so it would be able to protect your family and at the same time this dog breed is excellent when it comes to playing with kids and at the same time it would make sure that your kids are secure with it. They develop some skills which help them a lot in serving their master well and at the same time this breed is so intelligent that it would catch the training in literally minutes which means that training then is not even a task. This breed is easy to maintain however you would have to make them exercise on a daily basis otherwise they can gain a lot of weight which may not be good for their health. They do not suffer from a lot of diseases but still, you should get this dog breed checkups in a particular interval so that they can stay fit for a long period of time and this would also increase their life expectancy as well.


This is a small dog breed which falls under toy breed of dogs and they look so cute and fluffy that you would literally want to cuddle with them all day long. They are so active and they kind of try to impress their owner with small activities as well as movements so they never give up and keep on trying which is an amazing thing for sure. They come in a variety of fur shades and commonly you would get the mixture of white, black and brown and they have really long furs which need to be groomed every once in a while otherwise the fur quality may degrade. This dog breed is quite small so they do need special attention and also they get jealous easily so if you don’t have any other pet in your home then this dog breed can live peacefully in your home. They are lightweight so even kids can pick it up and cuddle and also they are quite active as well so you would have a good time while playing with them and the main thing has to be that fact that it catches things easily so it would learn your teaching faster as well.

Border Collie:

If you want a dog that would be with you for the longest period of time then you can consider this dog breed as this dog breed can survive for about 20 years if taken good care of it. The best thing about this dog has to be the intelligence level which makes it one of the easiest dogs to train which is a great thing for sure. This breed is medium-sized so even if you don’t have a huge house then also you can keep this dog however you would have to take it out for a walk and other activities. This dog breed is so smart that it may trick you for treats as well which is super cute to witness and it is amazing with kids so you can even leave your kids alone with this dog. They do have hug furs so you would have to do basic grooming which includes regular brushing of furs and also make sure to trim them every once in a while so that the quality of the fur would be maintained for a long period of time.

Miniature Schnauzer:

As the name suggests this dog is very small in size and also it belongs to the toy dog family which makes it super cute as well as adorable. this is easy to maintain and you would not have to do a lot for keeping it fit and active at the same time and the best thing is that is do not adopt a lot of diseases so you would not have to get troubled by the suffering of this dog. This dog is very active and sporty so you would have to make them play often and also this dog catches thing easily so training it would be satisfying which has to be a great thing is for sure. It comes in a black coat with some golden furs which make them presentable as well as adorable at the same time.

Border Terrier:

This is again a small-sized dog which can be categorized as a toy dog breed and if you don’t have a huge space for a big dog then you can consider this dog because unlike other dog breeds this dog does not require much of your space however you may have to take them out for some fun activities and workouts on a regular basis. They may not look too cute and presentable but they are super adorable which has to be the best thing about dogs of this breed. If you are new into dog adaptation then you can start with this dog as training it would be fun and since it is intelligent dog breed so it would get trained faster than you can ever imagine and at the same time they are easy to maintain as well.


Boxer is one such dog breed which would never disappoint you in front of your guests and their super social behavior makes them best for those people who are not much into dog training and all. It is definitely not the best looking dog ever but the cute size makes them adorable and even celebs love to keep this dog breed which has to be a great thing for sure. They do not have long fur and are considered one of the least shedding dogs and if you gate allergies from dog fur then this is the dog you can consider bringing home. They come in tan to brown shade with some white touch as well and the face of this dog appears bigger as compared to its tiny body which makes it unique and cute.

Doberman Pinscher:

If you are new into dogs then you should not go with this dog but if you have gathered some experience in dog training then you can easily have thing dog and since this dog is super intelligent so it can catch even your smallest instructions and at the same time it has sharp memory power which both bad as well as good, the good thing of sharp memory has to be the ability of remembering all the training that it has gone through but one bad thing about sharp memory of dog is that they would remember each and everything so if even by mistake you have hurt them ever in your life then they would remember it for the longest time and they even may try to hurt you back and the same thing is applicable for this dog breed as well.

Golden Retriever:

The list is incomplete without mentioning this dog breed and this is the funniest as well as family-friendly dog breed which makes it suitable for all the houses and also they are very intelligent so you would be able to train then well and they would be able to learn things easily which is again a great thing. You can teach this dog some amazing tricks and they love getting treats and for that, they would try to impress you. They come in golden color as the name suggests and also they have quite ling fur which needs maintenance.

These were some of the best easiest dogs to train that you can consider checking out and also you can find other such amazing options at Petsnurturing.


by Alice Greene — All photos and sources inside this article were provided by the guest author. Sources are available by photo click-through.