There is no question that cats are a popular choice as a pet. More than 25% of households all across the country prefer these furry felines as a live-in friend. Sure they love to lay across your lap while you work or smack thing for no apparent reason. However, this is the charm that makes us love them even more. Owners of cats and dogs might not see eye to eye, but they can prove to be better pets than dogs, depending on your living. Contrary to popular belief, cats can prove just as loyal, lively, and engaging as any puppy. Moreover, cats also have some advantageous qualities that make them easy to take care of and nurture.

Here are some reasons that prove cats are better pets than dogs in every way.

  • Cats Are Cleaner

Cats are relatively cleaner than dogs. Because of this habit, you rarely have to bathe your furry feline. Also, they tend to smell much better than dogs with decreased hair shedding. Unlike dogs, cats do not like to go outside and roll in mud or pick a fight with a skunk. Cats feel softer to touch and pet because of cleanliness with fewer chances of allergies for children.

  • They Keep Pests Out

Despite their fluffy and furry exterior, domestic cats also have natural predatory instincts. Their hunting instincts will keep all pests like mice, vermin, frogs, and other small animals out of the house. Cats have the curiosity of anything that moves, and this curiosity will keep your home pest-free.

  • Quieter Animals

Cat owners know that the sound of even the loudest meow is nothing compared to a bark. Meows sound adorable even if your cat is trying its best to annoy you into giving a treat. Neighbors also do not complain much about a cat’s annoying meows because such cute little sounds cannot upset anyone.

  • Take Less Space

If you have ever tried sharing a bed with a dog, you will see that they take a ton of space, even a little one. Whenever the pets stretch, play, exercise, or pretty much do anything, they need much room. Not only their bodies but also their toys, beds, and everything needs substantial space. In short, dogs need significant space to remain healthy and playful. At the same time, cats do not require spacious places. All they need is a box as a bed and a dust free cat litter, and we can guarantee that they will remain happy.

  • Affordability

Throughout their lifetime, cats prove more affordable than dogs. While buying a specific breed of cats is an expensive venture, adoption fees are far lower than puppies or dogs. Some shelters may also waiver their fee during kitty season or an influx of cats. There is also a matter of expense after adopting a pet that you will incur, ranging from supplies to caretaking. You can buy cat toys and other stuff at relatively lower prices. In the case of exercise, dogs need every day walks to stay healthy, and you will have to hire a walker. You can add an expense of $15-$20 for a 20 min walk. On the other hand, cats remain perfectly content with their naps, lounging, and keep themselves entertained without you. It is even better if you have two kittens, as they will keep playing with each other while you complete other duties.

  • Cats Remain Content In The House

Dogs need lots of walks and exercise to keep healthy and remain active, so maintaining dogs indoors is virtually impossible. If you have a yard or park access, then there is no problem. However, if you have limited mobility, then you can face a challenge. Cats stay contented indoors while staying perched on a window or curled up on a couch. Your cat will remain happy watching birds and insects out of a window all day long.

  • They Require Low Maintenance

Cats require low-maintenance compared to dogs as they do not require walks or multiple trips to the toilet. Cats also do not need much instruction and keep themselves clean. Although they do want attention and love, they require less interaction and on-going training than dogs. Cats will curl next to you when you work and do not create a mess if you leave for work and let them stay alone in the house. You will hardly find the home messy with a cat as a pet.

  • Excellent Companions

Both cats and dogs prove excellent companions, but caring for cats is more manageable than canines. They are also less needy than dogs that make them an ideal companion. Cats sit silently near their human as they read a book or work and purr on your lap all day long. They can provide equally tender love and affection to their human as dogs.

Final Word

Cats make excellent pets because of low maintenance, easy-care, and affordability. The points mentioned above are more than enough reasons to consider a cat as a pet. You can leave a cat indoors without worrying about them leaving the house. In the end, cats give us companionship in return for the love and affection we give them.

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