Grooming is a crucial part of caring for your puppy. It helps your pup stay healthy and happy. It is also an important step in keeping your pet smelling great and reducing the hair she sheds and leaves lying around your home.

Taking your puppy to her first grooming appointment can, therefore, be considered a rite of passage. It is also an exciting time since once your pet gets groomed regularly, you’ll have an easier time keeping her tidy and looking pretty.

However, bringing your puppy to a groomer for the first time can be a terrifying experience for your pet since she may still be wary of being touched or handled by a stranger.

Moreover, the new environment, tools, and equipment can scare any pet who will see, hear, and feel them for the first time.

Making Your Puppy’s First Visit to a Groomer a Success

To make your puppy’s first visit to a pet grooming expert in Dubai stress-free for you, the groomer, and your pup herself, follow these prep tips:

1.    Choose your groomer well.

When bringing your puppy to a groomer for the first time, you want to be sure you leave them in the care of someone you can trust.

This means you need to look for a trained, experienced, and competent groomer who has the best interest of your pet at heart. 

If you don’t have a go-to groomer yet, ask your fellow pet owners which grooming service provider they go to. You can also get recommendations from your vet.

Take note of their recommendations and look up these companies online. Check their services, location, and the reviews they got from their customers. Some groomers accept crypto so you should know how to buy USDT to pay for your dog’s haircut.

Once you have at least four groomers to choose from, speak or chat with them by phone, SMS, or instant messaging to get an idea of the quality of service your pet will get.

Consider visiting their spa as well to see their facilities, tools, and equipment to see how well-equipped and competent they are in handling their customers.

2.    Start teaching your pup the basic commands.

When your pup can already follow the three basic commands (sit, stay, and behave), the groomer will have an easier time grooming your pet.

Moreover, every grooming session will be safer for your puppy since she won’t move unnecessarily. She will also be less fidgety.

This is because pets that can’t sit still or that keep running are more likely to get accidentally cut by grooming shears or clippers.

Keep in mind that professional groomers are well-trained and very cautious. However, good pet behaviour can make all grooming processes safer.

3.    Practise at home.

If your puppy is still not used to human touch, it is a good idea to get her accustomed to this at home since grooming is a hands-on experience.

Doing so will prevent your pup from becoming frightened and overwhelmed easily. It will also help her become comfortable with this type of routine handling.

To do this, hold and massage your puppy’s face, ears, chin, feet, and rear frequently. Keep doing this until your pet doesn’t flinch or become agitated at the slightest touch.

Touch these body parts as well when brushing or grooming your pet at home. You can also ask another adult in your home to do this so that your puppy can get to know other people.

4.    Expose your puppy to some grooming tools.

Since the groomer will use different tools and equipment on your pet, get her accustomed to clippers, scissors, dryer, brushes, and other grooming items before her first appointment.

Let your puppy look at and smell the grooming tools you have at home. Also, tinker with the clippers to get her accustomed to the sound.

You can also run the clippers over your puppy’s body gently, even if you don’t actually trim any hair. This simple trick will help her become more familiar and comfortable with its feel and vibration.

5.    Brush your puppy’s coat at home frequently.

Brushing is one of the key grooming elements you can and should do at home. It is another tip that helps keep your pet clean and looking tidy.

When you brush your pup daily, you will stimulate her hair follicles, helping them produce oils that keep her coat shiny and in tiptop condition.

Brushing your pup regularly also allows you to minimise the occurrence of matting in her fur, making it easier for you and the groomer to bathe and brush her.

If you want your pet and groomer to have a less stressful time during the grooming session, make it a habit to brush your pup daily.

6.    Don’t make a fuss when leaving your puppy with the groomer.

Regardless of their age, canines are good at picking up on the mood and emotions of their owners.

This means that if you make a fuss about leaving your puppy for the first time at the pet spa, she is much more likely to become anxious and nervous.

As such, simply say goodbye as if you were going to the store or work. Doing so will give your pet reassurance that you will return to see her as soon as possible.

After the grooming appointment, shower your puppy with verbal and tangible rewards. Bring some of the Dubai pet food you have at home, which you can give your pup once you get her back.

The right combination of preparation and post-grooming practices can make it easier for your puppy to get used to grooming as part of her routine.