The Huskimo dog breed is one you can’t hate because of their calm and deep eyes, which will surely melt your heart. Basically, Huskimos are a mix between American Eskimos and Siberian Huskies. They’re medium-sized dogs known for having a lot of energy.

Like other dogs, Huskimos are playful and loyal pets who require more exercise and can be quite hard to control. They’re also great family dogs since they’re loving and social, which means they’re good around strangers and children.

If you’re planning to adopt or get a pet, you can never go wrong with choosing a Huskimo dog breed. Just make sure to provide it with proper care and love. To keep Huskimos happy and healthy, below are the things you should know.


Huskimos require at least two cups of food every day. If possible, keep the volume close to two to three cups. This is because the size of Huskimos borders close to big breeds.

When it comes to Huskimos’ diet, it should consist of quality dog food. If you don’t know what’s best for your Huskimo, always make sure to consult your vet before you pick any dog food available in the market.


Since Huskimo is a mixed breed, it means that it has an increased chance of inheriting dangerous and weird conditions. Luckily, in the case of Huskimos, both parents have similar properties and proportions. Usually, the weaknesses that Huskimos may inherit aren’t that dangerous. But, the worst conditions often include cataracts, hip dysplasia, corneal dystrophy, and more.

The majority of such conditions are age-related. If you regularly visit the vet, you don’t have to worry about such conditions. Although it’s an extra expense, you can be sure that your Huskimo is safe and healthy. Just pay attention to the exercise routine and diet of your Huskimo. 

Training And Exercise

Huskimos are considered trainable because of their circus and working dog background. Siberian Huskies are known as working dogs that are bred and born with a strong drive to exercise and run. They’re trainable and smart.

With that in mind, if you’re planning to take care of a Huskimo, expect a very active dog. To ensure that they’ll fit in well with the community life and your family, proper training is essential. Depending on your preferences, you can enroll your Huskimo for agility training, jumpers training, and some sports to keep them happy. If you don’t want to spend on such classes, you can also train your dog to jog with you.


Huskimos do require grooming, particularly since they’ll shed a little during the shedding season. It’s vital that you brush the coat of your Huskimo once a day to get rid of loose hairs.

You don’t need to bathe Huskimos all the time, and must only do so whenever it’s necessary. Just ensure that their ears are clean. You can clean their ears once a week to avoid a buildup of wax and dirt, or prevent infection.

In addition, the nails of Huskimos grow quickly, and you have to keep them trimmed to avoid any problem, such as snagging, breaking, or splitting. Typically, a trim every month is enough, but it may depend on the rate of nail growth or how often you do nail trimming.

Socializing Requirements

Generally, a Huskimo breed is friendly and does well with anyone. However, the puppy’s experience at an early age can greatly affect their socialization. So, if your Huskimo struggles to socialize, they may require more exposure to other people. But, once you’ve done well in socializing your dogs, you won’t have any problem with it.

Siberian Huskies make poor guard dogs, even with socialization and training. On the other hand, American Eskimos can be great as guard dogs with proper socialization and training. Therefore, the best approach for your Huskimo is to start with positive socialization with people and training at an early age. If you don’t have time to help your puppy socialize or be trained, you might want to hire professionals to get training advice and do the job for you.

Other Caring Tips To Note

Overall, Huskimos don’t need much. But, there’s always something that must be taken care of. One of these is to keep them safe from too much sun exposure. This is because they warm up easily if you won’t keep them in the shade.

Another important thing to note is to keep them close to you because Huskimos develop serious separation anxiety.

Bottom Line

Caring for a Huskimo breed is easy. As long as you pay attention to your pet’s health and diet requirements and give them time to exercise and play, you can be assured that your Huskimo will stay healthy and happy. Although the training and grooming requirements of Huskimos require a lot of patience, it’s worth the hustle because they’re loving and intelligent pets suited for families.