One of the most popular questions pet shop owners these days get is how to choose the right size dog carrier.  Below are some questions to ask yourself before looking for a dog carrier that you will probably use for a long period of time. What makes your dog weigh? If still a puppy, what will it weigh when grown-up? What was the weigh of its parents and what is the length of your dog? Take a measurement from their tip of the nose to the bottom of the tail and ask yourself how do you want to wear this carrier and for how long distances.


Most dog carriers are good for dogs up to 12 pounds. After that, you may want to think if you really want to be carrying a 12 pounds plus dog. In that case, you should look for a dog carrier with wheels or some other type of carrier in addition to one hanging on your shoulder. The weight of each carrier is different, so please check. If that isn’t notably represented in the description then don’t be afraid to ask the shop owner for advice. If you have a very small dog, such as a dog less than 4 pounds, you should be able to choose any dog carrier you find appealing to your taste.


Dogs Length

It is important to give the dog enough room to move and feel comfortable in the carrier. But at the same time, you realize that you don’t want it to be too big that every time they move, they are tilting and off-setting the carrier. The best thing to do is to measure your dog and add a few inches to getting the right size of the shoulder dog carrier. If the carrier you are interested in a carrier that has space where the head protrudes, then you do not need as much of a carrier as if you were to pick carrier without this attachment on it.


Carrier Purpose

Are you looking for a carrier to just take your dog to the vet’s office or are you looking for a carrier to bring your dog into your office possibly? The purpose of your carrier will affect the price you pay. If you are looking for a simpler carrier that can carry your dog for short distances then you will be able to find many lower cost options. If you are looking for a dog carrier that will protect your dog from harsh weather conditions then you will spend more money. This is due to the extra materials needed to make it more like a bag than a carrier.


Find the One That Fits Your Own Style Too

Luckily for many dog owners these days, there are numerous items to chose from and you can find just the right model according to your own fashion standards. If there are no great pet shops in your area then head over to online shopping options and browse the carrier that will appeal to your own style. Whatever the choice you make, remember that the comfort of your dog must come first and then your fashion desires second. Try to combine two wishes together and you just might find the lifelong model that both you and your dog will enjoy perfectly.


by Marta Gajin

Photos are owned and provided by Writer