Life with a pet is one of the most amazing experiences one can have in this life. Animals are probably the only ones that give us unconditional love and who are 100% loyal to their human.

In other words, animals are amazing creatures that make our life better, happier. But having a pet is not all rainbows and butterflies. There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with a pet and you’ll have to deal with problems you haven’t encounter before – having your pet’s fur all over your house and clothes.

I believe that this is a big problem for many pet owners because it isn’t nice to have fur in your food, in your nose when you sleep, or on every cloth you have. Therefore, your clean-up routine at home becomes a bit more difficult.

Fortunately, there are several great pet-hair removal hacks that can make this task easier for you. Therefore, in today’s post, we’re presenting our best tips about pet-hair removal hacks that will change your life.

Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves can make wonders with your pet’s fur, but I’d advise you to purchase a qualitative rubber glove to make the cleaning process easier and faster. According to BrillAssignment, the rubber glove works perfectly on couches, pet beds, carpets, curtains, and basically any piece of furniture that has material on it.

As well rubber gloves are easy to use and you can even use it directly on your pet whenever you want to pet it because as his fur falls, you’ll collect it easy in your hand instead of letting it fall on the couch or carpet.

Disentanglement Brushes

Disentanglement brushes can have more uses than disentangling and collecting the falling fur from your pet. You can use it on your carpets. In fact, I believe that disentanglement brushes are the most effective tools for removing your pet hair from your carpets. Of course, considering that you vane a normal carpet with short hairs.

Sticky Roller

You might have heard of those and the opinions are shared, but if you buy a qualitative product, you can save all your clothes from your pet’s fur. This is a cheap tool that will turn you from a crazy cat person into a normal one again.

I mean, if you used to have money in college to buy college paper and to buy custom essay online then you definitively afford to buy a sticky roller.

Fur Removal Broom and Vacuum

Today there is an invention for everything, so the fur is no longer a problem that can’t be solved. Usual brooms aren’t particularly designed to collect the fur from your carpets and floors. That’s why they invented a rubber broom that won’t miss a single hair from your floors.

After you use the fur removal broom, to make sure that you cleaned up everything perfectly, you should vacuum with one of those animal upright vacuum cleaners. They’re really effective in removing the fur from your beautiful home.

Wet Hands

You’re in a hurry but your outfit is full of your pet’s fur? The solution is simpler than you think. All you have to do is wet your hands and rub them across your clothes. Just wipe down and watch how the fur disappears from your clothes and collects in your hands. The science behind is simple – the water on your hands creates a rubber effect, said the experts from Best Essays.

Cover Your Furniture

Sometimes we can’t avoid our pet’s fur as life can get busy every now and then, but this doesn’t mean that we should leave things out of control. There are numerous pet-friendly blankets that are specially designed to collect animal fur from them extremely easy.

Therefore, wherever your pet sits in the house, just put a pet-friendly blanket and you’ll preserve your furniture clean while you make your cleaning routine much more easily.


Yes, balloons may be the answer to all your problems. You can either make the balloon attract the fur from your house, though I’m not sure how effective and fast that process is, or you can use it as rubber and collect all the dust and fur from your furniture easy and fast. Who said that balloons are just for parties?!


Some pets have more fur than others and no matter how often you brush their fur, your house is still covered in their fur. That’s why you should definitively try out the above-mentioned hacks and make your house look almost like you don’t have a furry friend around.

Of course, if you really want to see as little fur as horrible in your house, grooming your pet regularly is a must. If there’s no fur to fall from your pet, there’s no fur to clean in your house – is that simple.


by Lilian Chifley