Summer is here! It’s that time of the year when everyone – fur babies included - just wants to play outside and get some sun! While we are enjoying the warmer weather, we have to keep in mind that like humans, our pets can get dehydrated and overheated too. It’s important to keep an eye on your pets, especially if you live in an area where temperatures can reach triple digits. Below are some helpful tips to keep your pets happy, cool, and safe this summer! 

  • Always keep clean, fresh water around the house and outside. Even if you have just one pet, keep more than one water bowl around. Pop some ice cubes or frozen carrots in there to keep the water cooler on really hot days!

  • Never ever leave your pets unattended in cars! What you may think is just a few minutes can be an eternity to your pet. Temperatures rise rapidly inside cars– don’t risk your pet’s life.

  • Try to prevent your pup from walking on hot pavement as it can burn his or her paws. If your pet doesn’t like to wear booties, just be mindful to let him or her outside when the ground may be a bit cooler.

  • A small kiddie pool is a great way to have some fun with your pets this summer. Many dogs love splashing around on a hot summer day. However, never leave your pet unattended around a filled pool. A dog can drown in even the shallowest of water, so don’t let your eyes off them!

  • Having a summer BBQ party? Remind guests not to feed table food to your pets. If you want to have some fun, set up a pet-friendly snack area. This can include treats, watermelon, frozen pupsicles, and more

  • Think humans are the only ones who suffer from the occasional sunburn? Wrong! Our precious pets are prone to sunburn too, especially on the hairless parts of their bodies. Invest in some pet-safe sunblock to keep your pets safe from the sun’s rays. 


Always keep watch for signs like excessive panting and sluggishness in your pets. While you may like to enjoy a hot summer day, your pets prefer to be shaded and cool. And just because you’d like to jog around the block a few times in the sunshine, doesn’t mean your pet can keep up — even if they begrudgingly press on without showing signs of illness.  


Pets are incredibly intelligent, but at the end of the day they are people pleasers! Pet owners should seek immediate veterinary attention if they notice any changes to their pet’s skin, in particular if they notice ulcers or sores.