Indulging in some relaxation is perfect as a spa getaway weekend. But what sounds like a fun time for you might just have your furry buddy hiding away and refusing to come out. Plan the entire activity so that the little guy starts to enjoy splashing time. You might just find that mentioning the “b” word next time won’t be met with so much resistance. First, collect some waterproof toys and save them only for bath time for that extra incentive. And, have some delicious treats handy as a reward for good behavior.

Familiarize the Bath Gradually

All pet parents are well aware that dogs love to play in the water but hate having to take baths. You must gradually familiarize the little guy with the experience, so they learn to view it as a fun activity rather than scary. Let them walk into the empty tub, get in and explore, and slowly fill it with warm water. Offer treats to indicate that water and the bathtub are good things. You could also get a custom dog bandana with a matching one for you to enjoy some extra bonding over bathtime. If you can join in and enjoy a soak together, the entire experience will be all the more special.

Choose a Sweet-Smelling Shampoo

Invest in a hemp dog shampoo that is hypoallergenic and unlikely to cause irritation and allergic reactions. The hemp oil content is rich in Omega-6s and Omega-3s, magnesium, and vitamin E that nourish the canine coat and leave it smelling great. The best feature of these shampoos is that they’re made with natural ingredients. Before you get started, show your bud the bottle and let them sniff around to get a feel of the object before you start lathering. Of course, you could also get hemp oil bath products for people and lather up with your spa buddy.

Finish Off with a Thorough Rub Down

Get a really big, fluffy towel and rub down your furry buddy from top to toe. Depending on the dog’s size, this part of your spa weekend may need more than one towel. But, be sure to rub them down thoroughly and get them completely dry. Be sure to add lots of praise, hugs, and shower on the love. When you’re done, finish off with some vegan dog food treats as a wholesome reward for being so good. Get some healthy snacks that you can share, like peanut butter and some veggies and fruits, and dig into them together. 

Commemorate Your Fun, Spa Weekend

Now that you’re changed into bathrobes and relaxing cuddled up in the living room, savor this moment and save it as a happy memory. Take a picture of your happy buddy and commission pet portraits online. You’ll receive a digitally illustrated print framed to specifications that you can hang up as a memento of the fantastic spa weekend you spent together. 

Having a fun spa at home can be a lovely experience to bond with your furry bud and spend some quality time together. Make the most of it!