Did you know November 1st is National Cook For Your Pets Day?! Even if you’re not a master chef in the kitchen, don’t worry! We’re here to help ya for the HOWLidays! Yappy Meals are a great way for your favorite felines and canines to enjoy Thanksgiving right alongside you, your family, and your friends. Made with love by the folks at Puppy Belly Deli, every Yappy Meal is made with the highest quality ingredients, cooked gently, and packaged to retain the maximum nutritional value for your furry friends.


We know our pets deserve the very best! Don’t feed them products with icky mystery ingredients. Yuck! Don’t your cats and dogs deserve to enjoy real, all-natural food without preservatives, hormones, or additives?


This year, Thanksgiving Yappy Meals are available for both cats AND dogs!


What comes in a Yappy Meal for Cats? Your cat will receive Fish and Potatoes with Green Beans along with some delicious Wild-Caught Alaskan Cod Jerky. This item is only available for pick-up only and orders must be received by Nov. 22! Each cat Yappy Meal is $20 and you can purchase them HERE!


What comes in a Yappy Meal for Dogs? Your dog will receive your choice of one-pound of Beef and Potatoes with mixed veggies, Chicken and Rice with mixed veggies, or Turkey and Pasta with cranberries. Each order also comes with a jerky flavor of your choice. This item is only available for pick-up only and orders must be received by Nov. 22! Each dog Yappy Meal is $18 and you can purchase them HERE!


Puppy Belly Deli Yappy Meals meals are thoughtfully prepared to provide complete nutrition through a combination of the highest quality ingredients and FDA-certified supplements. Puppy Belly Deli buys ingredients from the same local farmer’s markets and grocers where you shop for your family’s food.


Sourced locally and organically whenever possible, their ingredients include grass-fed beef, all-natural chicken without antibiotics, preservatives or hormones, and wild-caught fish. Plus, Puppy Belly Deli profits provide food, medicine and other necessities for our local small dog rescue efforts!


So, what are you waiting for? You can purchase Yappy Meals through the Puff & Fluff website or in any one of our five storefronts. Remember, food from Puppy Belly Deli is cooked fresh, by hand, not processed by the ton in a factory. We want nothing but the best for you and your fur babies!


Has your pet tried a Yappy Meal yet? Let us know in the comments below! Remember, all orders must be entered by November 22nd, 2019!