Pet lovers are often met with the dilemma of bringing their pets along when traveling by air. However, most airlines nowadays permit traveling with your pet provided that you meet the specific guidelines that the airline company has previously set.


As part of general airline procedures, small pets are allowed provided that they are crated or contained in airline approved pet carriers. Some of the acceptable animals include small cats or dogs, bird carriers for finches, canaries, or finches, while larger animals are generally not allowed access into airlines. There are various health and safety concerns that the pet owner must meet to ensure their pet’s welfare during travel, but you can expect to pay for extra pet and luggage fees for bringing them along.


Due to the above reasons, airline approved pet carriers are mandatory. You can find them easily available in the market with a price range of between $30 to $100. Some airlines also offer pet carriers for those pet owners who forgot to bring carriers for their pets with them, but you can expect them to cost more than the average price of airline approved pet carriers. A great site for pet travel supplies is Travelin Paws, which offers a variety of travel products to ensure a pet’s comfort and safety. Popular items include Fancy Dog and Cat Carriers, GPS Dog Tracking Systems, Car Seats, Ramps, Pet Strollers, and Doggy Treadmills.


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Aside from gaining permission from airline officials to travel with your pet, an airline approved pet carrier is ideal for making traveling a less stressful experience for your pet. One of the first things you need to consider then is the size of your pet to ensure that the carrier provides enough space for your pet to naturally move around to some extent. It is imperative that your pet carrier can accommodate basic positions such as lying down or standing up since airline officials will perform a test before you are allowed access into the plane.


Airline approved pet carrier with wheels are also very convenient for you to use to add mobility. Thus, you can simply pull by the handle, and the wheels will enable you to carry the pet inside the carrier with ease. You can also check with specific airline companies to see what types or styles of pet carriers that allow.


For instance, Delta airline approved pet carrier guidelines indicate that all large pets must be contained in cargo or baggage. Smaller animals, however, are allowed to travel, but they are assigned in the cabin of the aircraft. Knowing the requirements in advance will enable you to find the most suitable airline approved pet carriers that you can use on your pet to ensure a safe and healthy trip.


by Sarah Polson