Is your pup’s birthday coming up? Do you want to do something special for them (aside from bringing them to us for some good groomin’ lovin’,) just because? Or do you just want to level up the dog lover in you and create any dog related stuff? You came to the right place!

I’ve collected some of my favorite DIY projects that you can do and enjoy making and some that your dogs can enjoy using.

  1. DIY Dog Collar — Why make it if you can buy from stores? Because this isn’t your usual dog collar. This is the actual collar that we, humans, use. And it will look adorable on your fur baby! See tutorial here.
  2. Ice-PUPS — Who said only you can enjoy some cold treats this summer? Your dog can too! It’s easy to make and you only need a few ingredients. Check it out! (See *Note at the end of the blog post provided in the link.)
  3. Feeding station — Not only will you be able to make eating and drinking more comfortably for your pets, you’ll also be able to repurpose your old furnitures at home. Click here for more information.
  4. DIY dog bed — If you’re in the hunt for the perfect dog bed but you can’t find one, maybe you need to build one! Check this out for a wide array of dog bed projects that you can do!
  5. Dog Toy — Prevent your dog from feeling bored and chewing your couch or shoes by making a dog toy with just using your old shirts! Check this out!
  6. Dog treats — Make some yummy homemade treats for your dog to reward them for being an amazing baby, best friend, and life partner, all rolled into one. You and your pet will surely love these treats from SheKnows and NoLongerWild!

There are so much more that you can make for your dogs and if you know them or if you have a specific tutorial/guide, feel free to hit us up and let us know of other great DIY dog projects!

And if you have done any of these before, we would love to see some pictures of the finished product!

We hope these projects will make for a fun and happy bonding session and bring you and your pet closer to each other! Have a good day! 🙂